Camouflage Cutie

Camouflage is meant to deceive and Mercedes is certainly deceptive here. She starts out very much ďin the pinkĒ with a very short skirt and a sexy little top under her leather jacket. The skirt is short enough to show her stocking tops and it doesn't stay on too long as Mercedes strips down to first, her conventional underwear and then, her camo bra and panties. Not only should camouflage deceive but it should also hide. You will be delighted to discover that this camouflage lingerie totally fails at this task, well, almost.

317 PHOTOS FOR $25



In BLUE JEAN BABE Mercedes decided that leather and jeans were too warm, so now she gets seriously cool by taking to her motorcycle while wearing her slip. This slinky and short yellow number will have the opposite effect on you. Your temperature will rise along with the hemline as Mercedes stretches across her cycle and shows you why the slip is still one of the sexiest garments around. As the slip disappears the more technically minded will be intrigued by the unusual suspension system of Mercedes bra and panties; purely a scientific interest, Iím sure. All this and stockings and heels too. Sensational sexy glamour on two wheels.




A short and sweet set with a military Mercedes stripped and Ready For Action. Sexy Mercedes style action, that is. Letís play soldiers while we inspect Mercedes in her special sexy kind of combat kit. Make sure you inspect the straightness of her stocking seams. Sheíll have you standing to attention, thatís for sure. Disruptive Pattern Material at its very best.

45 PHOTOS FOR $4.50


Mercedes has stopped for a break while out motorcycling, she has on her white leather jacket and her blue jeans, as well as her studded, white hi-heels. Too warm for leather if you arenít moving, so off with the jacket. Hmm, nice lacy top. Have a good look. Still too warm for Mercedes so she eases open the top of her jeans, is it hot enough for you? Hold on, things soon get warmer as Mercedes gets even cooler by losing the jeans. Bet youíre hot now! Mercedes certainly gets hotter by getting cooler as she lays back in lacy panties and stockings, may as well lose the top too, any objections?

218 PHOTOS FOR $21.80


Uncovered Fantasies

We all have fantasies, especially ones concerning beautiful ladies in sexy lingerie. Maybe your fantasy is about a Showgirl in a tight shiny vest with spangles, but, instead of the usual dancerís tights, she is wearing stockings and some skimpy panties. Even if this isnít your particular fantasy Iíll bet you would still like to see it. Mercedes can help you with this. Starting off by making one sexy overcoat look enticing she quickly indicates that there is much to discover beneath it.   Namely the outfit mentioned above. The coat is soon opened to reveal the delightful and exciting sight of Mercedes in her trademark stockings, garter belt and panties. Slowly she removes the coat and then displays her charms as only she can. Standing, sitting and stretching she shows this fantasy outfit off to its full advantage. Maybe she found the vest a little tight across her lovely breasts, because she took it off for some even more sexy and teasing shots. Lots of leg, lots of stocking, lots of panties and lots of lovely lady.

130 PHOTOS FOR $13



Princess Mercedes gives a very Royale show of how to look fantastic in a simple little black dress. Of course, any little black dress will look superb on Mercedes, but it helps if that little black dress is so tight that it shows all the contours underneath. You can see that thereís no doubt that she is wearing stockings and garters, and Mercedes soon confirms that for you. There isnít even room for a bra, but I expect that you can live with that. The little black dress is helped along by the little black panties, which Mercedes displays to their, and our, best advantage. She just canít keep her hands off them. Thereís just so much that you can do with a dress so, off it comes as the action heats up. All this and Mercedes' beautiful features too. A legs, stockings and panty show extraordinaire.

105 PHOTOS FOR $10.50

Red Hot Ride

What else could you call it? The beautiful long legged Mercedes dressed in black stockings, panties and garter belt, covered by a beautiful slinky, sexy, red silk ball dress. A dress that reveals as much as it covers, clinging where it touches, to reveal the contours and details beneath its silky embrace. The result is obviously red hot and itís shot in the back of a limo, as Mercedes heads for the ball, so it just as to be a red hot ride. A wonderful display of long nylon hosed legs under the feminine and alluring folds of the sexiest, slinkiest, red silk. Itís not just lovely legs, the upper bodywork isnít neglected in this gorgeous and truly glamorous set.

65 PHOTOS FOR $6.50


Obviously a ďmust haveĒ set for fans of pantyhose but also of great interest to anyone who loves to see long sexy legs cased in tight nylon. With her panties sexily over her pantyhose Mercedes displays her long limbs to their best advantage in fancy decorated hosiery. Close-ups and shots from all angles as Mercedes sheds first her panties and then her bra, all for your edification and delight.

105 PHOTOS FOR ONLY $10.50

Blue Full Fashion

Take one lovely, leggy, lady in shiny lilac stockings, white panties, white garter belt and white heels. Slowly remove white heels, shiny lilac stockings, white garter belt and white panties. Slowly replace with black garter belt, blue RH&T stockings, black panties, and black heels. For extra delight ensure that there is no bra. Enjoy!


White Tigress (Limo-Scene #4)

Mercedes is up to her usual backseat tricks as she treats us to another delicious slow striptease. Starting in a two piece gray business suit, she ends up in only her pretty silk panties, garter belt, and full fashioned stockings!!!

150 PHOTOS FOR $15

Photo Set B

Against a background of vintage fire trucks Mercedes models
three classic outfits for us. First we she her in black bra and panties with
dark gray full-fashioned stockings and black shoes with gold spike heels. After an all around view of this outfit, and a great rear view, it's black bra and panties and red FF stockings with red shoes. Finally Mercedes goes into a lilac bra and panty set with deep blue stockings to round off this great leggy stocking set.

21 PHOTOS FOR $2.10

The Nutcracker

When the Princess told the Prince that it was The Nutcracker for that night, he thought, ďOh no, not the ballet again!Ē But, boy was he pleasantly surprised when she turned up in this very sexy, and very little hot outfit!! Enjoy yourself as Mercedes puts on a terrific show in a wonderful fur trimmed red bra and matching micro-mini skirt. Take special note of her special Signature Glimmer RH&T stockings. "Sure beats the ballet!" muttered the Prince but he was too worn out for further comment.

45 PHOTOS FOR $4.50

Santa's Little Helper

Following on from CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS, Mercedes has decided on the Signature stockings. Now she really shows off her Christmas outfit, and what's under it, with a breathtaking display of piano top eroticism. See a great display of nylon covered legs  and then watch as her gloved hands slip into her panties. Keep watching because the top of her dress comes down and she has no bra on. Then just when you are wondering if Santa will actually set out this year with a helper like Mercedes around, it's off out into the snow!! It must have been cold,  I know the thermometer said 18 F. but with Mercedes in an outfit that hot, I certainly didn't notice! Just as we were finishing the shoot, it started to snow again. Nice touch!

 59 PHOTOS FOR $5.90

Christmas Stockings

In her short, hot, Christmas dress, with matching red panties, long red gloves, and shiny red heels, Mercedes tries on two pairs of  Christmas stockings!!  First she slowly put on a pair of 100% silk stockings in nude and then she tries on a pair of Signature Stockings in black with gray accents. Both are from Secrets In Lace. Besides plenty of shots of the stockings going on, I also got some real close, close ups of stocking tops, garters and panties. Mercedes knows how to fill those stockings!!

53 PHOTOS FOR $5.30

Out On A Limb

One day, just before last Christmas, I found Mercedes up a ladder decorating our tree. Did I rush to help her? No, I rushed to get my camera!! After all, she had taken her dress off so that it didn't catch in the branches. White bra, panties and garter belt with black stockings and red high heels feature in a classic glamour photoset with a strong emphasis on long legs in nylon.

36 PHOTOS FOR $3.60

Red Hot!!

A Woman for all Seasons! It may be cold out side but ďMercedes The Winter Wood NymphĒ is one Red Hot Lady, as she defies the season to bring you a Red Hot exhibition of legs and lingerie. Marvel as our Temperature Defying Temptress teases you with a delightful display of her glamorous attributes, as she makes you forget the Winter weather and gives you a warm glow inside. However, thereís no need to risk frostbite, come on inside and our heroine will go on further to discard her clothing to get you even warmer. Take a closer look at her in red panties. And her green panties. Enjoy views of her, in her white slip, her red garters and her stockings, along with red high heels that get exchanged for white thigh boots!!

105 PHOTOS FOR $10.50

Backseat Strip

Something for everyone here. Mercedes starts this set standing by the limo so that she can show you her sexy white full slip, with full length lace panels running from neck line to hem line. But though you may thrive on seeing a lovely lady in her slinky slip, you must be getting curious about whatís underneath. Well Mercedes never keeps you waiting long, so soon the slip is pulled up to display the tops of her blue fully fashioned stockings and her blue panties, the ones with the see-through rear. Now we see some wonderful outdoor, slip raised poses. Then the action moves into the limo as she slips off the slip and beckons you inside for a more intimate show. Take a firm grip now, because the panties are coming off, followed by the bra, for some very erotic and teasing shots. The set concludes with the bra and panties being replaced for some car top sunbathing.

112 PHOTOS FOR $11.20

Peek a Boo

Mercedes entertains us dressed in only panties, a garter belt,
stockings and heels. She also has a lace shawl. This is a very teasing set
as the shawl just covers and obscures, but only just. It soon heats up when
her panties disappear and with just a thin film lace to protect her modesty
she gives a show to remember. Some superb leg shots, a real stocking lover's set.

38 PHOTOS FOR $3.80

Peek a Boo #2

The fun just keeps right on rolling as Mercedes rolls around
and takes that shawl to the limit. More great stocking shots. This is
eroticism at its best! There are even some photos without the shawl!!

27 PHOTOS FOR $2.70

Leather & Lace

Mercedes starts off this set wearing a  beautiful lace camisole and matching lace thong panties. Silver stockings and strappy white heels compliment the outfit. Next she puts on a sexy white cropped leather jacket that I bought her. Finally, she slowly puts on a beautiful pair of over the knee leather boots that were a gift from a friend and shows them off for us with lots of great poses!!!

68 PHOTOS FOR $6.80


Teasing is what Mercedes does best and never better than in this
set. Starting in her green dress, with black stockings and black high heel, and looking rather formal in her black gloves, Mercedes first action is to raise the hem of that dress so we can see her black half slip. Wait a minute her garter needs adjusting, never one to miss an opportunity like that I take a close up while she refastens it. More lifted hem, more close ups of slip against stocking top, some glimpses of panty. Then it's time to take the dress off, slowly, teasingly, first unzip the back, undo the belt, slip it off the shoulder and step elegantly out, in black bra and half slip. What's that we glimpse through the side slit in the slip as her gloves come off? Mercedes has a black girdle on! Coyly and tantalizingly she lifts the slip to show us. The slip starts to come down, over the girdle, over her stocking tops and down her long legs. What happens next? Well that's another photoset.



A slip and stocking lovers set!! Mercedes shows off her new black slip and her long legs and then finishes up the set with a very lovely and shiny white full length slip. Slip shots performed by the mistress of slips! Just where will your eyes settle? On the beautiful slips, on the lovely, long stockings, or the beautiful lady herself? If you are anything like me, you'll enjoy all three!! Yummm!!!


Black & Blue!

What an extraordinary combination! A beautiful lacey black slip accented by a breathtaking pair of teal stockings from Parklane. Some of my best close-up work yet!   It took a superhuman effort to kept the camera still as I got in real close for details of the slip hem over the stocking tops, the lace against Mercedes' breasts   This is a VERY special set that belongs in every slip lover's collection!!

45 PHOTOS FOR $4.50

Man's Best Friend!!

When Mercedes walks the dog she does so in a long dress that is open at the front and has matching sexy shorts. Of course she is wearing beautiful brown stockings, and a very sexy six strap garter belt. An open fronted dress is, as you would expect, very revealing and it shows off her trim and curvaceous body very well indeed; especially when she takes a rest by stretching out on the grass. Somehow she manages to change her footwear three times, from boots to high heel shoes, to a different pair of heels and then back to ankle boots. A real legmanís set.

55 PHOTOS FOR $5.50


A dazzling Mercedes in her sparkling blue bra and panties, matching garter belt, blue stockings and silver heels really catches the light in this set. Mind you eyes as Mercedes literally flashes her panties, just for you!! A "brilliant" sexy glamour set!! Lots of leggy poses and close ups too!!!

45 PHOTOS FOR $4.50

Wet Dreams!

Mercedes in white lingerie. A very erotic set and, as you can see in the close ups, you are not the only one who gets turned on! Excellent erotic value!!


Long Cool Woman

The woman is long and cool but the outfit is short and RED HOT!! Mercedes is wearing a terrific red halter dress and a special pair of lace up stockings called "Mercedes" from Hello Sexy Girl. Once you have had time to see the red panties Mercedes cools down some more, but heats us up, by slowly removing them. Next we get a chance to admire her lovely long legs in their new stockings, before Mercedes removes the dress for her grand finale! Cool!!

65 PHOTOS FOR $6.50

Puss N Boots

A friend sent Mercedes this great pair of vinyl thigh high boots and she really wanted to use them for a photo shoot so here it is. Actually, we did two shoots with the boots using two different cameras and combined them into this double set. It starts with Mercedes slowly putting the boots on and then modeling them for you. She is wearing white stockings and garter belt along with a sexy silk shirt tied at the waist and silky white panties. Yummy!!!! Add a white leather fringed jacket and a short white leather skirt and you have a real live walking dream in leather and vinyl. Now leather is nice but it gets better when it starts to come off and our heroine is left in her lacy white bra and panties and her pure white stockings!! A super set for those into boots and leather, or for anyone who likes a sexy lady doing what she does best

120 PHOTOS FOR $12



The Cheap Slip Set

Why that name? No, the slips aren't cheap and Mercedes certainly isn't cheap but apparently I was cheap with the resolution setting when I took the photos as the resolution is only 240 x 320.   Now my mistake is your gain because we have this large set priced well below normal and the shots are pure Mercedes slip glamour as you can see in the full size photos above!!--Tom

170 PHOTOS FOR $14


Luxury Limousine Service

Mercedes is one classy chauffer and very cooperative!! Watch as she reports to work and prepares the car for service. Not wanting to get her uniform dirty, she takes it off in a nice slow strip. She then invites us into the back of the limo where she completes taking off her clothes except for her stockings, garter belt, and heels. Wow! Now that's what I call super service!! After stepping out of the limo, she completes the set by sensually dressing again before she leaves to pick up her passengers. A most impressive set!!


Sugar & Spice

Sometimes as we shoot a set, we just know we have a winner. This is one of those sets. Two black full slips, blue stockings and black stockings, off-white panties and black panties; lots of eye-catching contrast and subtle color matches. But the highlight for most of you will be some of the hottest panty close ups that Mercedes has ever done, along with a sequence of black panties coming down her black seamed stocking clad legs that drives me wild. And I didn't forget to get some good shots of the lace at both ends of the slips. A very erotic set!

77 PHOTOS FOR $7.70

That Ol' Black Magic

This was a hot set to shoot, when Mercedes puts on her long black nightgown, with the long slit up the front, and keeps her stockings and high heels on, it's going to get steamy!! Standing by, sitting on or standing on the piano stool, nightgown down and nightgown pulled up, it soon becomes obvious that Mercedes isn't wearing any panties!


Barely There

This set features a gift I bought Mercedes for St. Valentine's; or did I really buy it for my pleasure. It is a transparent pink baby-doll nightdress with a satin trim. Here Mercedes models it with dark seamed stockings and a thin black garter belt. This set has some very hot close ups through the transparent material of both the nightdress and the matching panties. There are some wonderful shots of Mercedes raising the dress hem up to cover her face, and, as a consequence, uncovering her panties. Towards the end of the set she lets the nightdress drop down to her waist. A very hot set.

35 PHOTOS FOR $3.50

Office Break

Mercedes starts by posing at her computer desk. She enjoys some coffee, catches a quick phone call, and relaxes while giving us a great look at her chocolate colored full fashioned stockings. We can even see up her skirt to admire the white satin crotch of her lace panties. Then Mercedes stands up and gives us some excellent views of her great legs encased in those beautiful stockings!

Having gotten your attention, Mercedes now finishes the set with a striptease down to her garter belt, panties, stockings, and heels! First the skirt comes off followed by her silk half slip. Then her gold blouse is removed so you can see the pretty camisole top that is covering her full breasts. Finally we have some shots without the camisole and  Mercedes has to carefully pose to shield her erect nipples from our view.

104 PHOTOS FOR $10.40

Mello Yellow Dress

A short set featuring Mercedes in a flowing and very feminine Yellow Dress. Help her decide which pair of pantyhose looks better with it.

25 PHOTOS FOR $2.50

Blue Angel

Well Move Over Marlene! The world has a new Blue Angel now!! You'll be "Falling in Love Again" when you see Mercedes in her new Electric Blue lingerie. Mercedes interrupts a phone call to put on a fine display of her new blue bra, pretty blue panties and stunning blue garter belt, along with matching blue full-fashioned stockings. Lots of raised skirt shots, up skirt shots and classic legs shots, and then a real treat; following a long and sexy striptease she removes her new blue bra and puts on her new blue see-through bra!! Unlike Dietrich's sultry angel, the new Blue Angel has a real angel's smile that won't leave you feeling blue. A classic leggy glamour set.
 118 PHOTOS FOR $11.80

Corset Cutie + "More

Mercedes in her "made to measure" Touchable pink corset with a perfect fit. These two sets are a must for corset fans and lovers of high quality lingerie. In addition to the corset, Mercedes is wearing black thong panties, black stockings and black high heels. Some detailed close ups and excellent views of the entire outfit, indoors, outdoors and in the limo. The kind of glamour that Hollywood doesn't produce anymore.

85 PHOTOS FOR $8.50


Valentina is a seductive playful maid that aims to please!! How could such a little outfit get so hot that she has to take it off???

105 PHOTOS FOR $10.50

Royal Blue

Looking royal in blue, as befits nobility, in her formal off-the-shoulder gown and feeling VERY sexy at the same time, Mercedes is waiting to take it off for you. Sit back and enjoy seeing more as she unzips to show you a terrific display of her beautiful lingerie. Full fashioned seamed stockings, sexy panties and garter belt await you as she gets ready for an evening of intimacy.



This is one wonderfully wicked witch, but sheís no Wicked Witch of the West. No, she is one beautiful, magical, Mercedes. With her pet raven, Quoth, at her side, she displays her charms and her lingerie; this is one wicked witch who can make things rise without a broomstick! Marvel at her magically transparent briefs and her wickedly black lace bra. Of course, all witches wear black seamed fully-fashioned stockings and Mercedes is no exception as she so clearly demonstrates. This is a wonderfully wicked example of classic glamour photography with some very uplifting lifted skirt and stockinged leg shots that will cast a nylon stockinged spell on you!


Private Rendezvous

This set starts with Mercedes in her elegant long black gown preparing to set out to meet you at a PRIVATE RENDEZVOUS. Before leaving home she checks over her shiny light blue panties, matching garter belt, long, silky, black stockings and her sexy, strappy high heels. In the car, on her way to your rendezvous, she gets ready to give you a private lingerie show and tries out a few poses; fortunately the chauffeur is a man of iron and the car stays on the road. Once she arrives at your hideaway there is no delay as she lets you see exactly what sheís wearing. Then she slips into something even more revealing to continue to entertain you in the way she does best !! This is a legs and lingerie set and an absolute must have for those who like to see a long skirt lifted.

85 PHOTOS FOR $8.50

Bed Spread #3

More Mercedes in black, on white. A variety of costumes in
this set, with a very naughty see through nightdress, a black see through body suit and "traditional" black bra and panties, all accompanied by stockings, of course, and this time with high heels. My favorites in this set are the shots with the black
nightdress down around her waist. Close up detail shots are included. In this set Mercedes co-stars with some very famous faces, how many do you recognize?

55 PHOTOS FOR $5.50

Bed Spread #2

Take one Mercedes, add a black bra and panties with matching
garter belt and dark colored stockings and place on a bed cover with a white sheet. Stand back and let her romp! While she romps, photograph from all angles. Don't forget to get some close ups, of her, of her bra, and of her panties. Play close attention to what she is doing with her fingers.


Sparklin' Darling

The lady with the lovely legs has matched her sparkling blue eyes with a sparkling blue 1920ís style flapper dress. Not only does Mercedesí dress sparkle but, as you will soon discover, so does her underwear! Sparkling blue bra and panties are, of course, worn with stockings and garter belt. A black feather boa also puts in an appearance, before both the bra and the panties are removed! Marvel as Mercedes maintains her modesty!!

145 PHOTOS FOR $14.50

Lovely In Lavender

Feelin' hot as I pose caressing my curves as my body heats up in my sexy thin lavender dress, I can't help but lay a blanket down in the sun relaxing, enjoying my  coffee with a touch of cream with you. I can't help but slip out of my dress and panties showing you what a good time stripping in the morning can be when I'm hot wearing nothing but my stocking and sexy strappy heels. Now this is one way to wake up!



Here Mercedes models some white full slips and a light brown half slip. She compliments the slips with a pair of black panties and blue full fashioned stockings. See Mercedes on the bar stool, the piano stool and the piano. She is perched on the piano for a few up the slip shots and laid back in a bar stool to show her legs, exquisitely encased in blue nylon. Enjoy some close ups of the slips, see the lace across the top and the hem. One of the slips is exceptionally lacey!

31 PHOTOS FOR $3.10


We join Mercedes in the office, she is sitting in her chair, wearing a red full slip with a lot of lace, dark tan seamed stockings and red high heels. She swivels towards us and reveals that, surprise, surprise, her panties are red, too. While she drinks her coffee she lets us view her stockinged legs before she stands and, gathering the material of the slip in front of her, gives an excellent back view with the slip just clear of her stockings, with their meticulously straight seams. The slip is drawn higher to display the panties before she sits down again with the slip still pulled up. More leg shots and then in for some close ups, including one of my all time favorites. Mercedes is sat, laid back in the chair with her legs apart, the slip is pulled up to show the flame red panties with the dark stocking tops either side, the picture is taken from close in at the height of her waist, she smiles down at the viewer over the red lace of the slip that is
given shape by her breasts. Before you get your breath back the slip is down around her waist, did I mention, no bra? Finally, if you're still with us, she stands and pulls the slip off over her head.



This set opens with Mercedes in a slinky red slip, dark
stockings with red seams and red high heels. Quickly we establish that her panties and garter belt are white, as she bends and stretches, both standing and on the floor to show this beautiful slip off. Sometimes she lets the slip just hang, concealing where it does hang lose and revealing where it touches. Other times she gives it a hand to reveal her legs, her stockings and her panties. Some nice close ups in this set which is an essential scene setter for LADY IN RED 2.



The same outfit as LADY IN RED 1, the same kind of poses to show off the slip, but this time the action starts with Mercedes taking off her panties!! It gets really exciting knowing that beneath that slip she is naked!! Except, of course for her stockings, but we let her keep those on, shall we? Includes a wonderful picture of Mercedes lying the floor and holding her panties to cover what needs to be covered!

55 PHOTOS FOR $5.50


My favorite shot from this set is Mercedes on her back on her bed with feet together but knees apart, boy do you get a good look at her black panties and dark stockings. This started as a romp on the bed set with Mercedes in a shimmering white chemise, and after we had shot it, she said that she had enjoyed it so much that she went and did it all over again in a black chemise!!

40 photos for $4

Slip Up!

Back by popular demand, one of our first slip sets. It has two full slips, one see-through and very short half-slip and one Mercedes. This set may be from the early days of our site but the shots of Mercedes romping on the bed in a full lacy black slip, with matching lacy black panties were a foretaste of the bolder work that was to come later. The half-slip is complemented by a black bra and panties, and, of course, garter belt and stockings! This is not a rather cute example of an amateur model's early work, this is a sexy slip set. The shot of Mercedes kneeling on the bed with her slip falling forward to reveal her panties remains one of my all time favorite images.

25 photos for $2.50


By definition, potpourri is a medley or a miscellany mixture and that is an apt description of this set. It starts with Mercedes removing a pair of white stockings and putting on a pair of beautiful brown full fashioned stockings. After posing that way for a bit, she adds a sexy white slip, poses some more and removes her panties. Next we have some great close-ups of her in various bras and panties followed by her posing in a long sleeved tee shirt, panties and stockings. At the end of the set, she does a few more photos in the slip and then finishes with some more panty shots!! This set's got stockings going on and coming off; it's got slips, on and off; it's got bras, on and off and it's got panties, lots of panties, on and coming off!! And above all it's got Mercedes!!!

85 PHOTOS FOR $8.50


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