Continue to educate and encourage women to wear nylons, heels and a garter
belt.  So many of us avoided them, claiming they were too uncomfortable.
You can endure high heels all day, if you buy expensive well-made ones,
which fit you properly.  Stylish heels are even available in wide widths,
although more difficult to find.  The feel of silky nylon against your
thighs and legs all day arouses you sexually and the lusting gazes of men
are so rewarding.
My realization of the obsession men have for a beautiful woman wearing a
garter belt, sheer nylons and very high heels, strangely enough, occurred on
my wedding night.  I had always looked upon the fixation some men had for
nylons and heels as a kinky fetish.  However I have come to appreciate the
intense ”turn-on” nylons and heels are to almost all men; though some are
reluctant to admit it.
My bridesmaids had given me as a shower gift the obligatory sexy negligee
that failed to even remotely cover the most intimate part of my body.
However, they also gave me two tiny garter belts and several pairs of very
sheer silky nylons, insisting I must wear them under my wedding dress and on
my honeymoon night.
When my new husband undressed me and saw I was wearing a garter belt and
nylons, he raved about how sexy they were and how they “turned him on”.  He
insisted I wear them to bed along with my high heels.  I never did get to
wear my sexy negligee, but went to my wedding bed in high heels and sleek


Hi Mercedes,

I wrote to you about a year ago to tell you my experience in starting to
wear garter belts, stockings and heels. I will refresh, my husband suprised
me with over $1000.00 worth of lingerie after our child was born. Anyway,
just wanted to update you and others who may read periodically of my
continued love for lingerie.

You replied to me regarding not wearing the 4" heels everyday if I wasn't
used to them, anyway, no problem now, all I wear are spiked 5" heeled shoes
and boots. I was (LOL) fired as a pharmacy tech three weeks after I returned
from my maternity leave for dressing to provacatively, which gave me a
laugh, but oh well, it lead to bigger and better things.

I went to work for the Atlanta based airline my husband works for as a
flight attendent in March. Lucky for me, they don't care what I wear
underneath, nor do they know. Getting around in the cabin of MD-80's is kind
of hard because I am 5'7" and wearing 4" or 5" heels leaves me watching my
head from time to time, especially around the emergency exit rows.

Anyway, this past summer, I got into modeling, I figured why not, I am back
down to my ideal weight and then some and wanted to do something that would
make my husband find me even more attractive than he does now and make
myself more confident. In this modeling, I started modeling your basic
jeans, tops, skirts, etc. for my portfolio builder, then decided one day,
let's shoot me in some lingerie. I have a female photographer that has shot
some high profile people in the Chicago area, so I was not worried about
being hit on. Anyway, I did 12 layouts over a two week period and submitted
them to some bigger named lingerie companies and I am happy to say, have
been selected to start modeling for Flirt and Trashy Lingerie.

Also, on a vacation my husband and I took in early September to Las Vegas,
we learned of a lingerie contest going on out there that week in a famous
Las Vegas Gentleman's Club, and won $25,000 placing first out of 63 girls
that entered the contest representing 36 states. Also with winning, I was
notified by a photographer out there that he would be interested in shooting
a spread with me for PB's Book of Lingerie.

I must say, going from wearing your normal jeans, cotton tops and sweater,
to wearing leather skirts, evening gowns, heels, lingerie, and yes even the
cute little FA uniform has changed my life, and I have not only my husband
to thank, but also you because without his fetish curiousity, he would have
never stumbled upon this site. Needless to say, I give him no reason to look
at these sites again. We have plenty of my photos now all around the house.
My photos are not nude, and I will not do nudity, so if I do make it into
the Book of Lingerie, I may be the only one wearing protection of all hidden
areas =).

One thing though that I would like feed back on if anyone has also
encountered this, I wear full fashioned stockings from Secrets in Lace
exclusively. I often, and when I say often, I mean at least 6 times a week,
but anyway, I often get hit on by women. I know full fashioned are easier to
detect than just normal stockings, the way they crease on you legs and just
the seam themselves tell people that more than likely you are wearing
stockings versus pantyhose (yuck). Anyway, I was told that garter belts and
stockings are like a mating call for lesbians or bi-sexual girls. Have you
heard this, or has anyone heard this? I mean I will not give up my stockings
now by any means, but being a straight happily married wife and mother of
one, it is a bit annoying to be hit on by women just because of this fact.
The men I can deal with, it is a bit fun to tease there minds, knowing who I
am going home to, but a bit troubling to me to think that I am often thought
as a lesbian.

-Becky S.

Hi Mercedes

I have visited your web site for the first time today and i found it just
wonderful especially the stories from woman and how they view the wearing of
Stockings and suspenders.

Until recently i was not in favour of wearing stockings and suspenders much
to my husbands dissappointment but i have done on a few special occassions.
I dont know why i had this view maybe it was something to do with my strict
upbringing regarding sex.

However i am pleased to say i have been won over recently and this came
about on my wedding anniversary.

My husband had planned a surprise weekend away for us in a top class hotel
the first of which i knew about it was when he picked me up from work and
informed me we were going away for the weekend.

I asked him if he would take me home first so i could pick up a few things
but he said there was no need as he had seen to everything.

When we arrived at the hotel i was surprised he had booked one of there best

On entering the suite i was greeted with a bottle of champagne and a bunch
of red roses and i noticed some clothes laid on the bed.

I approached the bed and lying on it was a beautiful red dress which was low
cut and had a slit up the leg to the thigh i then noticed a box on the bed
and on opening it i found a black silk and lace basque and a pair of black
lace toped stockings. on the floor was a pair of 5 inch stiletto shoes.

I turned round to my husband and i didnt know to be angry with him regarding
the money he had clearly spent and his knowledge of my views on wearing
stockings and suspenders or to go along with it and enjoy the evening. with
hindsight i think i made the right decision choosing the latter.

We got dressed me in my red dress with my beautiful lingerie and my
stockings and my 5 inch stilettos.
As we are Scottish my husband wore his kilt and his full highland dress
knowing full well that i found him really sexy in this outfit especially
when he wore it like a Scotman should without any underwear.

We had a lovely dinner and evening at the theatre before we returned to the
room were i was only interested in one thing and that was to make love with
my husband .Intially we both lay on the bed sipping another bottle of
champagne and kissing each other passionatley which led to some absolutely
faboulous foreplay before i removed his kilt and he slipped of my dress but
leaving on my lingerie and stockings and we indulged in some serious
lovemaking.During which we on more than one occassion made reference to the
fantastic feel of my stockings on his skin.
After our session of lovemaking we were both still lying on the bed enjoying
each others bodies when we started talking about me wearing the stockings
and suspenders he had bought for me and i commented was he not embarest
buying the lingerie and i was astounded by his reply that it was not the
first time he had purchased such items as i had not bought me anything like
this before i pushed him to tell me who he had bought for, i was even more
astounded when he told me he had bought them for himself and wore them in
secret as he adored the feel of the stockings on his legs.
I did not know what to do next as i was shocked here i was having the most
fantastic evening of love making with my husband and i learn that he has
been wearing stockings and suspenders behind my back .The first thig that
came into my head was to offer him to put on the lingerie he had bought me
so i could see what the turn on for him was and maybe it would lead to some
more lovemaking.This i did but my husband declined my request and informed
me he had his own lingerie with him i told him to get dressed in it.
As i lay on the bed wondering why my husband had a fetish for ladies
underwear we vacated the room and went to the bathroom taking a suitcase
with him.

When he returned he was completly dressed again in his kilt etc.He came over
to the bed were i was lying on the bed still with stockings and suspenders
on , as he got closer i noticed in the lamp light that he had on what i
later discovered was a pair of silk lace topped stockings the same as i was
wearing. I had this sudden urge to see what else he was wearing and i
frantically started to undress him in anticipation of what he was wearing i
tore of his shirt before undoing the buckles on his kilt and allowing it to
fall the floor to reveal this so mauscaline of people staning there in a red
basque and g-string with black stockings I am not ashamed to admit i was
totally turned on with what was in front of me that i pulled him back onto
the bed and we had the most fantastic lovemaking session to date, the feel
of my stockings rubbing on his and the feel of the silk lingerie between us
was so erotic.
We fell asleep in each others arms and when we woke in the morning we
indulged in some more love making before i requested he wear his lingerie on
the drive home as did i.
This was the most wonderful experience that i have had with my husband and i
only wish i had listened to his requests for me to wear stockings suspenders
and other sexy lingerie as i now know what i have been missing.
So my advice to all you girls out there is to go out and purchase some
stockings and suspenders and flash a little flesh as it does wonders for
your sex life .

Yours Sonia

Hello Mercedes ,

This is in response to a post that I did quite awhile ago . Ever since I
started wearing stockings & garter belt , my husband decided to wear the same
as we made love . I never thought making love to my husband as we both wore
stockings & garter belts , (Ultra sheer nylons) could be so much of a rush .
The feel of our legs rubbing together pushed our lovemaking into another
world .I even shaved his legs & keep them shaved for him, as we do them
together . We both dress separately , before lovemaking so we can be
surprised , as to what variation of lingerie each is wearing . Quite
interesting , Please let me know your thoughts ?


Hi Mercedes...
 I am sorry to email you, but I don't know how to submit this otherwise...
I, like many others, found your site while looking up stockings.
I have always thought that stockings look so much prettier than pantyhose...
and recently decided to try them myself.  I am 20, and hate pantyhose.
I actually thought that stockings were obsolete or just for in the
bedroom, since every store I have
been in mainly advertises their pantyhose, and the stockings and garter belts
are somewhat hidden. I found a couple cute "thigh high"
pairs, with bows on them. Wearing them without a garter belt is practically
impossible, and I decided I had to get one.
I finally was able to find a couple garter belts at Victoria's, so I will see how
they work out. But I tried a white one on, with my white thigh highs...and
was shocked at how I looked in them. Unlike [in my opinion], the stifling,
unattractive, squished in constrictive
feeling/look that pantyhose give me, the garter belt/
stocking combo enhanced what I have. It goes with the underwear,
and becomes part of your ensemble, instead of being a glaringly obvious
piece of material that is holding everything in.
I am still wondering why people stopped wearing garter belts...they're
fun to put on, and look gorgeous, and they are so much nicer and
free-freer feeling than nylons to me. Garter belts are special, and
different, and it's like you have some secret that only you really
know about when you are wearing them. I'm glad that I was
able to find out about them now, and get out of pantyhose, and
into something that looks pretty and makes me feel a lot better
about myself. :o)
It seems like people are conditioned to only wear pantyhose now,
which is a shame, because it's such a cheapened boring
version of what used to be. Hopefully more people realize
this, and go back to it, but again, I suppose it all boils down
to what they are comfortable with.
I mean, all the sexy, mysterious, pin-up girls have stockings
on, and it's not sleazy in the least. It enhances them.
Anyhow...I know two of my friends are also among the
pantyhose hating crowd, one is 18, and one is 15...
we all three think the garter belts look much cuter, and
prettier than we are converted. None
of us like to have ugly underwear.  I realize that pantyhose
are probably great for a lot of people...but I personally
am glad that they make garter belts and stockings, because
they are a much better choice for me.
Thanks for all the information your site offers. I had fun reading
all the stories, and embarrassing moments. Keep up the great work!

  Dear Mercedes,
I found your site through the Yahoo web-site and like that your web-site. I am 23 years old house wife , born in Japan, Tokyo., My husband ( His name is John (American man) ).He suggested me wore stockings with a garter belt instead of G- string panties, I immediately said “Please give me for that”. I don't never done anything like that before because they were ugly clothes and unavailable in Japan. Next month, John come back from a New York business trip, he pushed a large ribboned box in my hand. My eyes lit up with amazement at his thoughtfulness when I pulled the box open. There inside was the most beautiful, intricate and sexy white brassieres, white G-string panties, white sheer stockings and white garter belts. Some were lace others were shiny satin. My heart started thumping ,I couldn't believe that such a gift was for ME!. Then I went into the bedroom and started very hesitantly, at first not knowing how I would feel about wearing stockings or how my husband would respond to my wearing stockings. Some where along the way I have found that I actually enjoy put on one of the garter belts, sheer stockings, the sexy matching bra and G- string panties, high heels and slipped on one of the new dresses, then I felt like a new woman. When my husband realized what I was wearing, he got aroused and we had an amazing night. Since then I'm in love with stockings and garters. On the other side when I'm in a changing area some women look down at me like a tarty woman but the stockings and garters interested in what I'm wearing and even a few times they ask me about how can they get them. I've read another Japan letter and she is right Japan women don't wear them because they think stockings and garters are ugly clothes and all of my friends don't understand how can wear those. Lately I've heard that look more beautiful.
Now, I want to ask some questions? First ,how to wearing the panties with stockings and garters belt correct?. Some where I 've seen women wearing panties under of stockings and garters belt. Second, how to select wearing matching panties with stockings and garters belt for girl, woman and old woman ?. Third, how I can to find the book , CD-ROM, website and specialist adviser for make my thesis in master degree program about “stockings and garters belt with woman in the Eastern Asia”?.  I
can hardly wait to hear from you .Thanks for your attention and write to me soon.

Dear Mercedes;

A few years ago I met a man over the Internet, I was not looking for
anyone, but I had just started a new job, and at times things were a bit
slow, so I signed on. I enjoyed his humor and company quite a bit and
in joking around one day discovered he was a “leg-man” and particularly
those in stockings and heels. Blessed with great legs, and cursed with
a career that required heels and stockings, I began a joke that started
out as Smokey Black Stockings, eventually referred to as SBS. It was a
joke to me, but little did I know at the time, I was turning him on!
Whenever he seemed to be getting “one-up” on me, I flattened him with a
reference that I had to adjust my seams.

This went on for two years; I began to notice that many men had that
same joy that he did. And I began to actually enjoy wearing those
stockings for the impact it had on men. When SBS turned them on, it
turned me on.

Across an ocean, we eventually met, and I had on a pair of SBS.
Needless to say we married. It didn’t take long at all for me to learn
that what used to seem a career pitfall was also an amazing delight.
And amazingly enough, to this day, all it takes is a pair of SBS to make
this man stop dead still in his tracks.

Just call me; SBS!

Hi Mercedes, My name is Becky. My husband was in your site a few months back and of course I yelled at him for pulling up a porn site, but he told me to come over and take a closer look.

He has been trying to get me to wear stockings since we were married in 1999 and I have on two occasion, our wedding night and our first anniversary.

I guess it is his fetish type thingie, but I just kept gaining a few pounds and didn't feel comfortable, although the two times before, I made me feel like a knockout.

I am 27, 5'6" normally 135 but I am still shedding a few pounds I put on from our first child a few weeks back, and now totally into stockings. Originally it wasn't by my choices during my pregnancy my husband kept receiving UPS parcels the last few weeks without telling me what was in them. Come to find out, he had spent over $1,500 on lingerie and heels, two things that I just never did wear.

A week ago, he gave me my presents. A box big enough to hold a refrigerator almost full of corsets, garter belts, thongs, bra's, bustiers and heels. I almost killed him because we had a newborn and he spent all this money without me knowing. Come to find out, he had received a promotion a couple of months back to station manager of the airline he works for without me knowing.

That night, though I still haven't gotten down to my original weight, I agreed to put on a corset, black seamed stockings and a pair of 5" metal spike heels he had purchased for me. I have never walked in a heel over two inches so it was a bit of a challenge at first, but anyway, he had me look in the mirror and filmed me from every angle on our cam corder. I must say, I was really impressed. I couldn't believe how sexy it made me feel to just have on an outfit and shoes that I would have never dared to wear without pressure.

Since that day, I have began to start wearing these items out in public under some of my skirts and dresses. It just makes me feel like a million bucks. I never really wore pantyhose before but have completely converted over to stockings for almost an everyday attire. I figured I'd better because he bought me five different style corsets, 17 garter belt, thong and bra sets and 50 pairs of various colored stockings.

When I first read your site, I told him maybe I would after the baby, and he took it as a yes as all husbands do when we say maybe but I can't think him or you enough for this experience. Had I not witnessed for myself a few stories of people wearing them for the first time, I would have never even thought about pulling out my garter belt, but now, I grab a set to wear everyday before going into the shower? It almost seems like second nature now.

Once again, thank you for running a clean site and informative view on stockings, had it not been for my horny husband who said that I would look even better if I only dressed differently, like the women explained in here or the few pictures of you I would have never considered dressing this way to not only please him, but please myself. No when I get off my maternity leave, I can only imagine would the people at work will think to see me in skirts and dresses was provocative heels and seamed stockings other than the normal twill pants and cotton top I wear normally at my job as a pharmacy tech, I am just hoping my feet will hold out 8 hours a day in 4" heels.

Stocking fan for life,


Dear Mercedes,

I’m writing to you as a 50’s something woman who has rediscovered the joys
and fascination of wearing stockings in the past few years.
Like most youngsters in the 60’s, I rebelled against my mother’s
conservative dress code. My older sister wore an ugly, plain, white panty
girdle with garters and stockings under her dresses for dates (Mother’s form
of birth control I suspect) but I refused to wear her hand-me-downs, skipped
Prom Night and joined the flower children generation. By the time I woke up
to life (the sounds of my screaming child) the sexual revolution had passed
me by.
I wore jeans or slacks every day while a working Mother, as I was too busy
to consider my personal appearance. Luckily, my office job did not require
any sort of dress code.
Then the thought of college tuition loomed (Actually, my bright boy got a
full scholarship in the end) and I changed employment to a situation where I
noticed most of the women wore skirts. I purchased a timeless and
conservative woolen two-piece in light blue for the Interview and wore it
frequently to the office in the hopes it would wear out. In the winter I
would wear pants most of the time and in the brutal heat we get here, a
full-length summer dress. I always wore pantyhose under.
As my financial situation improved (and I guess, I matured), I developed a
taste for quality clothing and my wardrobe expanded to include several nice
suits and some eveningwear. Although I am rather thin, I joined a group at
the office taking regular lunchtime power walks in our rather attractive,
wooded neighborhood. We Women would don White socks and sneakers over our
hose and charge around in a chattering gaggle. Slowly, the group
disintegrated until it consisted of only two men who shared an office and
myself. We walked at a reasonable pace and I enjoyed both their company and
some male conversation. One was always very quiet and shy and one day I
inquired of his friend what was his case? “Ugly Divorce” was the reply.
Richard was so beaten up mentally; he was practically scared of speaking to
Then the other guy got Riffed and was just Richard and I on the walks,
mostly in silence. One day we diverted to the local “Peoples” Drug store
because I had been in a hurry that morning and stuck a nail through my hose.
One thing I particularly hate is Control Top hose. I enlisted Richard’s help
in finding the regular panty hose and mentioned the difficulty of finding
plain hose. There was nothing overtly sexual in this conversation; he was a
recently divorced man after all and I assumed he knew all about women’s
attire. It was a particularly warm day and I asked the standard feline line
about being glad he was a man and not expected to wear “These things” all
day as I searched for the lightest, non-controlling pair possible.
“You could always try stockings”, he suggested. Afterwards I found out
that he was from England where many Women apparently have switched over to
stockings. The thought had never occurred to me. I still had those old
memories of my sister grunting, tugging and hauling up her panty girdle. He
found the one row of thigh-hi’s in the rack and I decided to try them. I
guess at the moment he offered to pay for them, our relationship was sealed.
Thigh Hi Stockings were great for summer wear. They were comfortable and
cool but even I discovered a secret bulge in my thighs above the elastic
that looked decidedly un-sexy.
Whenever we stopped at the store in the lunch hour, Richard would ask if
I needed more stockings. Slowly, he revealed his dislike of pantyhose. It
would appear his ex-wife had run up several large mail-order bills with
clothing companies including a famous pantyhose distributor. This Company
was now hounding him for money. One day he gave me a catalog from them with
the offer that I could purchase any hose on “his” account I would like. I
noticed just one type of regular stockings and a single garter belt and I
decided to try these. The quality was not that high but I became hooked
(pardon the pun) on wearing gartered stockings. No ugly bulges and this
wonderful, powerful feeling of being in command. I would particularly enjoy
wearing a slightly shorter, tighter skirt and stockings to business meetings
involving Richard, knowing that he alone would be aware of or guess my
I needed more closet space for my expanding wardrobe and Richard fitted
the ‘Closet Maid’ system for me. He discovered my Interview Suit and
remarked how I had impressed him on my first day. It was a short step from
the closet to the bed and we become lovers. I would arrange to meet him
after work, sometimes even in our lunch hour and I always wore stockings. Of
course my first garter belt did not stand the strain and was eventually
replaced by a sturdier version from Secrets-In-Lace (A birthday present). On
a shopping adventure we found that Sears still sold a reasonable selection
of stockings (More reminders of my Mother’s age there) at street prices.
That Interview Suit did not look good though with a garter belt underneath
and on our next visit to Sears, while Richard drooled over the tool counter,
I ventured into the foundation wear department and actually tried on a panty
girdle. I could almost hear my late Mother’s laughter. What a change 30 yrs
has made! The material was lightweight, stretchy and seamless. I had no
feeling of being ‘trussed up like a chicken’ and my butt looked superb. I
picked a long legged type with detachable garters so I could continue to
wear stockings. Richard was suitably impressed with my rear end the next
time I wore that suit and I had to skip work for the whole afternoon due to
his attentions. I told my boss my car had broken down. 
After that, he purchased several other girdles for me from the
Secrets-In-Lace catalog (What a wonderful concept for shy men), mainly Open
Bottom types. I never thought I would enjoy wearing such things but now I
just love the holding, snugly feeling of the material and the tug of the
garters as I sit as my desk. Naturally, I’ve had to change my panties to a
larger, full cut style (another excuse for Richard to buy me what he likes;
He calls them knickers and insists they be worn over the girdle) that are
much more comfortable and airy than thongs or bikini pants. 
I’ve been promoted several times in the past few years, largely I believe
because I’ve become more self assured and confident of my own abilities. 
Our love life is fantastic. Frequently, we do not even make it to the
bedroom and I have become educated in the alternative uses for a sofa arm
and even the dining room table. Richard says a girdle provides excellent
hand holds. I’m not complaining. Recently, we even fooled around in the back
seat of the car, just like a pair of teenagers with me protesting, slightly,
when he got his hand up the leg of my knickers. I’m glad my son is at
college; I’m sure he would be shocked at his mother’s behavior and the noise
she makes.

I still have some pantyhose packets but I think I’ll give them to Good Will
now I have to share closet space with my Man. I even still have a pair of
the dreaded Control Tops. Richard threatens to make me wear them to work as
a punishment if I get ‘stroppy’ with him. A horrible thought that serves to
keep me in line.

Like several other of your correspondents, I get funny looks in the Gym
locker room. At first, I would be careful to change into slacks in private
before going to the Gym but now I don’t bother. I just let my girdle show as
I dress. One day, the Iranian lady who does my hair was in the locker room
and knowing me, asked where I purchased my girdle. She is fuller figured
than me and wore a body suit to help avoid back stain at her job. They have
to wear black hose and a uniform coat regardless of the weather and she was
having problems with the heat. She remembered Open Bottomed All-in-Ones from
her youth but was unaware that they were still made in the USA. I passed on
a catalog and last time I was sat in her chair, she commented on how
wonderful it was to have air circulating. She also seemed more outgoing and
told me she was in line to be made shop manager. Another convert?

I’ve never tried an All-in-One (actually, I lack the bust line to fill one)
but perhaps I should add that to my next Birthday list?

One day I will get around to asking my spinster sister if she still wears
panty girdles?
O’h I’d love to make her jealous.


Hello Mercedes,

I'm in my mid thirties & have never worn stockings & garter belts much until  I met this man, who totally enjoys seeing me , & making love to me while I'm  wearing these very sheer stockings . It is such a turn on for him & me !! 
Come to find out one of his favorite fantasies is for both of us to wear stockings & garter belts while we make love . Well that's my story . Keep up the good work .


Dear Mercedes -

I came across your page from Touchable - it's also my all-time fave for stockings. What you've done is absolutely lovely. I only had one pair of tights (my gran gave them to me when I was a teenager).They were uncomfortable cos they kept cutting into my tummy. I got thrush from them
because the gusset was so tight that air couldn't circulate, and the material, whatever it was, felt bad and gave me a horrible rash on my legs.
No more.

I honestly didn't realise that stockings and suspender belts were that much of a rarity - as a 40-something I've worn them since I was a teenager.

One thing I have not been able to find at all recently - nice shoes with low heels. I have arthritis. I don't get horrible swelling most of the time, but I need a cane to get around, and heels are way too difficult to manage. I'm still looking for a place that sells nice-looking, feminine, low-heeled
shoes (I can't be the only one, they must exist!) Do you know of anywhere?

I guess when I saw your page it wasn't that strange to find you like to shop at a lot of the same places as I do. And your pictures are gorgeous - not pornographic, but so sensual. I gave the URL to my boyfriend, who is probably drooling over you as I write.

The men I've known seemed to really like stockings and suspender belts. I always reckoned they were so happy to see a woman's legs they didn't care what you might have on. But I read your men's page. I guess it really is
more of a turn-on than tights, but tights are just plain ugly and uncomfortable to boot. Most of my girlfriends wear them, but I don't know why - they don't feel good and they don't look good either.

Please - keep up the good work! It's brilliant to see a stockings/picture site that isn't porn. And if I come across any cool sites you haven't got listed, I'll drop you a line.

Best regards -

Hello, Mercedes:)

My name is Melanie and I'm a recent convert to stockings. I've visited your 
website, and it was refreshing and encouraging to read about the experiences 
other women have had with stockings and garter belts.

Credit my boyfriend with introducing me to stockings. He told me about your 
wonderful site. I couldn't believe what I was reading! Women who actually 
prefer stockings over panty-hose? I used to believe all the negative things 
about stockings: that they were uncomfortable, a hassle to put on, outdated, 
and worn only by "trampy" women (like hookers, and strippers).

I am in my late twenties, so I didn't really know anything about wearing 
stockings and garter belts. I went to the local Victoria's Secret store and 
bought several items in various colors and styles. I experimented with them, 
and couldn't believe the effect they had on me! It was exactly what those 
women wrote on your site in the "From a Woman's Point of View"! I loved 
them! They made me feel so feminine and sexy! It was like I was a new woman.

My boyfriend went nuts when I told him about it. Our hot sex life has gotten 
even hotter! But, I don't just wear them for him. There is nothing sexier to 
me like slipping into a pair of nylons and attaching them to a garter belt! 
It's like a transformation taking place. Now, I wear nothing but stockings 
and garter belts under my skirts and dresses. I feel more confident and 
alive. I love being a woman!

I can't understand why women stopped wearing them. Perhaps you can explain 
that to me, because I can't. Is it the feminist attitude or what?


Melanie (no more panty-hose for me)

Hi Mercedes! I am writing at the urging of an online friend, who wrote a  wonderful submission to "A Man's Point Of View" recently. I was raised in the deep south, where stockings and garterbelts are part of traditional femininity. When I moved out of the South about 2 years ago, I discovered that very, VERY few women wore them, and the few that I knew did, only wore  them in the bedroom as lingerie, not as a part of daily attire. Not every woman living in the South wears them, mind you. But it is something that true Southern Ladies pass to their daughters, an appreciation of tradition 
and practicality. Those who wear them well send out a message of "I am capable, confident and sexy" to the world. When I wear my garters and stockings, I feel bold and feminine and outrageously sexy. Being able to wear pretty (but practical) adornments such as garterbelts are one of the true joys of being a woman. I'm proud to say though I wore tights as a child, when it came time to graduate into a young 
woman, I put away childish things. The change I felt in myself was incredible. I felt womanly and sexy and attractive...even though I knew no 
one saw them but me. But the true change came when men started to notice. Perhaps it was the way I carried myself as a result of my new "borrowed" confidence, but men took notice, and treated me differently. And as a result, my self esteem rose. It was a cycle that continues today. I am thankful that I was raised in a society that revels in the things that make 
ladies different from men. And thankful that there are women like you Mercedes, that reinforce the positive attitudes towards Stockings. Carry on the good work! 

Dear Mercedes
It has been five months now since I discovered the joys of wearing stockings. I started very hesitantly at first not knowing how I would feel
about wearing stockings or how my husband would respond to my wearing stockings. Some where along the way I have found that I actually enjoy wearing stockings and dressing very femininely in dresses and skirts. I found that I most love wearing the Fully Fashioned stockings, they are so soft and silky I find them a real treat to my legs. I like the six strap garter belt I purchased from Secrets In Lace as it really keeps the seams of the Fully Fashioned stockings straight. 
My husband has been slowly responding to my wearing stockings, and just recently admitted to me that he finds the Fully Fashioned stockings very soft. I was thrilled with his response and it was the kind of response I have been praying for.  What started as an effort to make my relationship with my husband better has resulted in a bonus for both of us, I love wearing my stockings and he enjoys having me wear stockings on special occasions. I'm surprised and amazed at how much my attitude and my husband's attitude has changed for the better in the last 5 months, just by making the switch from pantyhose to stockings. I'm surprised at how sexy and feminine I feel every time I wear my fully fashioned stockings or any stockings. Probably most surprising of all is how few times I've worn my pantyhose in the last five months, they are very nearly a thing of the past but I know I will never abandon them entirely.
I want to thank Mercedes for introducing me to stockings again after a 33 year break, and I want to say if I'd had Fully Fashioned stockings as soft as the ones I have now as a teenager I might never have started wearing pantyhose. 
I praise the Lord for my husband and our marriage and making a choice to
wear stockings is helping us improve our marriage and our communication. 

Best Always


I love your site. I'm a 19 year old college girl who has a burning  desire for lingerie. I really love lace top thigh highs. I try to have them on everyday. I get many looks every day at school because I'm always wearing skirts. I really love fishnets. they are so sexy. another favorite is bustiers. They feel so good under a tight silk shirt and a leather skirt.
Keep up the good work


All woman wearing nylons all have a little problem,  nylons always come loose a little when worn for a whole day. I discovered that if you apply a generous portion of any hand cream or skin lotion ( I use Keri Lotion ) to the legs and thighs about 15 minutes before I put on the nylons, they will stick to your legs. You will be happy to discover that your nylons won't come loose and it won't affect the nylons. You will never see creases at the ankle or the knee area. You will also increase the sheer look of your legs and stockings.


Hi Mercedes,

I discovered your page when searching for lingerie and hosiery to buy. It's good to see other women who know how sexy garters and stockings really are! I was wondering how many other women out there wear them as everyday wear, as well as knowing how sexy they make you feel. 

Actually, I feel they helped save my marriage. I'd been married for about 7 
years when things seemed to be very dull and just not going well in our marriage. It seemed like we stopped paying attention to each other, 
though we still love each other. I hardly wore dresses anymore, much less sexy undies, and did not even try to look sexy for my husband. That's when I discovered a cache of my husband's men's magazines. At first it angered me knowing him drooling over these other women. But then decided men are men, they love to look and I sure hadn't been giving him anything to look at. I noticed too, just about all the women in the mags were wearing garter belts and stockings. I decided then to try and do something. 

I went out and bought a couple of good quality garter belts with bra and panties to match, as well as quite a few pairs of stockings. Even trying them on alone they began to make me feel sexy and like a woman again! I also 
bought a couple nice dresses and skirts. 

One morning I called my husband at work and asked him to meet me for lunch, I had something to show him. I put on one of the garter belts, sheer stockings, the sexy matching bra and panties, high heels and slipped on one of the new dresses. His eyes popped out of his head when he saw me! As we were sitting down, I purposely let me dress slide up revealing my stocking tops and garter 
strap to him. I'd never seen him so wonderful at lunch! Walking me back to my car, he opened the door for me to slide in. I actually pulled my dress up to my panties so he could see my garter belt, panties and stockings. He almost lost it there! I just told him I'd be waiting when he got home.

That was very wonderful as well! He told me all afternoon he couldn't keep his mind on business and thought about me! I had never seen him so excited. I actually left my garter belt and stockings on as we made love, which was fantastic. Know I wear them ALL the time for him, and me. Anytime we're together out or home, I wear a dress or skirt with garters and stockings. I've even slept in a garter belt quite a few times. Another erotic thing I'll do is wear a garter belt and stockings in the shower or bath with him. The wet nylon really seems to drives him wild. 

It's really saved our marriage and hope other women understand the sexy power of garters and nylons. They not only make you feel sexy wearing them, your men will appreciate them too.

Dear Mercedes,

I stumbled upon your page today, and I want to congratulate you! Thank you 
for introducing the luxury and pleasure of wearing real stockings and 
garter belts to the ladies (and gentlemen) who have yet to try it! I try to 
encourage others to do the same.

I am 21 years old, and I wear stockings and a garter belt every day. My 
fiancÚ is a leg man, which is great for me, but I began wearing stockings 
before I met him, just to please myself. I favor bullet bras, girdles, and 
all of the sexy foundation wear of my favorite 1940s pin-up girls and 
starlets. I feel that stockings are the sexiest thing a woman can wear. I 
feel absolutely ravishing in my seamed stockings. And men treat me so well! 
I go to the store and men are drooling, opening doors for me, offering to 
carry things for me. I love the attention, of course, and the chance to 
tease them a little with my stockings and heels.

I just wanted to thank you for what you are doing, and let you know that 
yet another stocking-wearing woman is out here! I am going to bookmark your 

Best Regards,


Dear Mercedes,

I have been wanting to write for some time now and haven't had the time or words perhaps. I am a recent convert to garters and stockings and will never look back.

I have to say, I had never really bought into the notion that there were "leg men", like "breast men", etc. I had never met one to my knowledge. I had been told by a couple male friends that I had "nice" legs but for the most part, my life has been filled with "breast men". Being only averagely endowed in that department, I never felt that I was that sexy, so to speak. This has all changed in the last year.

A year ago I crossed paths again with an old business acquaintance. We began an electronic conversation, catching up with one another. Eventually the conversation took a more intimate turn. As we delved into such matters, he acknowledged to being a dyed in the wool leg man and he told me I had legs he would crawl through glass for. (How's that for a compliment!!) Oliver is the most incredible man I have ever met...( I could fill pages just extolling his virtues to you)

One night during the course of the conversation I asked him what he'd like 
to see me in. His answer was stockings and a garter. My mind immediately flashed with visions of fishnet and latex! I'm fairly open minded, but would much prefer to feel elegant and understated than cheap and tawdry and 
told him so. He then sent me to look at the Secrets In Lace site. I have to say, I nearly fell out of my chair!! I had NO idea that these items of clothing still existed! They were beautiful, elegant and understated. I then began my own web search of these items at which time I found your site (which I shared with him). I sat and read all the "testimonials" in "From a Man's Point of View" and was flabbergasted at how they echoed the sentiments of Oliver. I had jokingly asked if he had written them all under different pen names.

Oliver and I finally arranged to meet and he brought some of these items along for me. No man in my life has ever purchased lingerie for me... He purchased a 6 strap open bottom girdle and a beautiful black waist cincher 
along with copious amounts of stockings in various shades, both full fashioned and rht. His only hope was that I would wear them while we were together "inside". Little did he know that he opened up a whole new world for me. I have never in my life felt so sexy and desirable and powerful. Why would any women not want to feel this way!!??

I have since started wearing them to work. I think it's true what other women have written you, you carry yourself differently in stockings, there is a certain self-confidence that others pick up on. And when one of my cohorts at work caught a glimpse of my welt, unbeknownst to me, he got this far off look in his eyes that was too funny for words!

And truly, they are so much more comfortable than hose and your legs feel like they are covered in glass, it's outstanding!! I will never go back!! 
You should worn women, however, that their garter will set off the metal detectors at the airport! I had to attend a meeting out of town recently and wore them for the first time flying. The security guard kept asking me if I had anything in my jacket pocket. I smiled coyly and said no. Two minutes later I was off to catch my plane.

My biggest regret is that this fabulous, fabulous man does not live close enough to enjoy daily the fruits of his tutelage (as I hope I am his most apt pupil!!). Here's to all the leg men of the world, and more importantly to the only leg man in my life!!

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story,


Dear Mercedes
As you already know it has taken me a while to get to this point.  Normally I am very shy and not at all used to doing this sort of thing. 
But as you know when I first saw your website, I was actually not in favor of stockings at all. I loved my pantyhose and felt very sexy in them
and always had. I feel very strongly about women having a choice in what they want to wear, be it stockings, pantyhose or thigh highs. 
But I was searching for a way to improve my relationship with my husband and in a book I read that stockings and a garter belt could make a woman look more sexy than just pantyhose. So I went out and bought a pair of
stockings and a garter belt at Victoria's Secret. At first I was very unsure of myself and what my husband would think.  At first his reaction was about what I expected, but he slowly started to respond and ever since we have been making slow but steady progress. 
In my correspondence with you, you encouraged me to experiment with stockings, and when I needed to know where to get something you recommended I see your recommends page. My first correspondences reflected how uncertain I was about my feelings regarding stockings. I at first felt
certain I would never wear them out of the house. But as I experimented with stockings and a garter belt, I found myself getting more and more comfortable with stockings and my feelings about them.  Once I realized that I had a CHOICE about whether to wear stockings or pantyhose or thigh highs and that no one would force this on me, I began to
open up more about how I felt and as I did this I also became more willing to wear stockings and a garter belt in public. I never dreamed I would actually go outside the house in public wearing stockings and a garter belt, but I did when my husband and I went to dinner at a restaurant. 
I also tried different garter belts and stockings till I found the ones I felt most comfortable in. I finally settled on a garter belt made by
"Crown-ette" which is made for everyday wear and is made of a stretch material and has metal garters and stockings by Victoria's Secret. It is very important to me that the garter belt have metal garters, as I have found
that plastic ones may not hold and may break. 
The most important message I want other women reading this to know is that what changed my mind about wearing stockings was knowing I had a CHOICE! That CHOICE is so very important in deciding whether or not to
wear stockings. Also Mercedes gentle encouragement and caring attitude in all our correspondence has done a great deal to win me over to garter belts and stockings. Also I must say, that another important factor was my husband, if it was not for wanting to improve our already good relationship
I wouldn't have done this. He did not ask me to, I simply did it on my own after seeing the idea in a book. 
Another important factor, is I feel more confident wearing stockings in public because I know it is my CHOICE. 
But I now know that when I do wear stockings I feel comfortable and actually like the softness of the stockings on my legs. I still love my
pantyhose, and they will always be my first love, but I can now say that stockings and thigh highs are a close second. But no matter what I choose to wear I know I'll feel sexy and comfortable. 
Thanks Mercedes for helping me, I really appreciate all you have done. 
Always remember encourage someone you love very gently if you would like them to wear stockings and never, never force the issue, always let them know it is THEIR CHOICE!!! There are many women out there that are
painfully shy like me I know and the key is "Choice" and "Gentle Encouragement". 
Again, Mercedes my many thanks, keep up the good work!!

Sincerely & Best Always

Dear Mercedes,

About a year ago I wrote you to ask for your advice. At that time I was
about to change jobs from a fairly low key position in a ministry to a lobby
office where things work slightly differently. I promised to send you my
experiences for your "From a woman's point of view" section.

I used the change of jobs and environment as a way to re-invent myself a
little. From a fairly casual "me" to a more conservatively dressed yet far
more feminine "me". It was necessary because my new job came with a clear
and conservative dress code. There are a lot of things you're not allowed to
wear here in this office, such as jeans, sneakers or other casual wear. But
the unwritten rules go further. They clearly prefer women to wear skirts.
The men here are dressed in different shades of gray. The work involves
making pitches for politicians, or highflying business people so the reasons
why are clear.

I clearly wanted to make such a change myself as it also allowed me to show
my more feminine side. I had to get myself a new wardrobe and in the last
year I have spend a lot of effort (and money) getting new outfits. However,
what really appealed to me was the idea to use the change to wear stockings
on a more regular basis. I had worn them on a couple of special occasions
and I loved it but I wasn't sure whether it was a good idea and practicable
to wear them on a more regular basis. That is why I wrote to you.

The idea of wearing stockings appealed to me for several reasons. Firstly
because I had had such nice experience with them before. They felt great and
made me feel great. Secondly, because the idea that it feels a little bit
rebellious to be wearing them in an office where everything has to be
proper, conservative and respectable. Nobody needs to know but me and that
secret gives me a boost. The third reason was what you mentioned, Mercedes.
When you are wearing stockings you're people's attitude seems to change.
Probably because you come across as being more self assured, because you
ooze femininity, people show more respect and treat you much better. When
you told me I was quite skeptical but it is true! The last reason for
wanting to wear stockings is not the least important: my boyfriend likes it.
He likes it a lot.

I started quite carefully. Only wearing stockings with longer skirts made of
heavy fabric. I wanted to make sure that nobody could see what I was
wearing. I checked at least three or four times a day whether there weren't
any tell tale bumps of the suspenders, or whether the stockings hadn't
started to twist in a funny way around one of my ankles. Quickly I felt more
confident though and I dared to wear them with different kinds of clothes
and under all circumstances. What had started as an experiment has after
only a year become a very regular pleasure. I now clearly prefer stockings
over tights. Tights I only use when wearing very short skirts but as they
are frowned upon here, I don't wear them often. Pants I wear too but perhaps
only once a week or so.
All the reasons why I had wanted to wear stockings proved to be true! They
feel great, they make me feel and behave feminine and self assured. The way
I walk, sit, move has changed and people are receptive to it without knowing
it themselves. They seem to treat me better and with more courtesy and

After a year I have the feeling I have become quite "experienced" in wearing
stockings. The questions I asked you a year ago now seem so silly but what
you answered was very important to me at the time and made me make the right

I have experimented with underwear and discovered that 'deep' garters to be
much more comfortable and practical. I have some simple garter belts but
they proved less durable and, due to their tendency to twist, tended to show
through clothing. I use the 'deep' belts as my everyday wear. They are very
flat and come a considerable way down my tummy. I find this to be very
comfortable and, since there are no bones or support other than the
elasticity of the fabric, I can wear it all day long.

I have a brown set which I wear on a regular basis. This set is special in
that the garter belt and panties appear to be one when worn together. The
lace pattern of the belt being repeated on the panties and running from one
to the other. But with this set I have to be more careful on the weight of
the fabric of my skirts and tops. The lace can be visible if I am not

Another favourite of mine is a soft teddy with suspenders. It is a very soft
item, which is exceptionally easy to wear under dresses. It buttons up the
front and is very comfortable.

Another favourite garment is one made a stretch lace. I have one in black
and another in white. There are no fastenings, they simply stretch over your
body and are great under any item of clothing. A blue lacey item I got at
the beginning of the year in the sales is a dream to wear and very delicate.
I tend to save it for occasions want I want to feel that little bit special.
The same is true of a cream and green silk item. This is by far my favourite
and I adore the feel against my skin.

I have many more that I could show you but I don't want to get boring. I
have a number of bras which I like to wear for effect along with boned
basques which I generally keep for more sensual moments.

It is nice and warm today. I am writing this to you from behind my desk
wearing a white cotton-polyester, v-neck top; a silky skirt in a fall colour
combination of leaves in brown, gold and russet on a royal blue background,
dark taupe sling back pumps with a 2.5" heel from Bally, a black bead
necklace and black hoop earrings, Rosewood lip colour and Beautiful cologne
from Estee Lauder. And underneath of this all off-white stockings from
DuParc. You know it and I know it and I feel great! Thanks for your
encouragement and good example!









Dear Mercedes:

I really don't know how to send this to your site so I am just going to write
to you. I tripped over your site searching for the word pheromone. I used to
own two pairs of silk stockings but not much from that. After reading your
site I am thinking of buying a set of everything. I personally have my own
fetish, and that is a guy with a good old fashioned fetish. Nothing is
sexier than teasing a man with a fetish! I am very young, not even twenty
yet so I've only had one serious boyfriend. And he had special interests in
tickling, particularly feet, he loved shapely legs that were super smooth.
This relationship went on for 1-2 years, I even find myself asking boyfriends
if they have any fetishes, but sad to say many do but much more don't. As
long as a guy's fetish wasn't dangerous or just against my morals I would
gladly help out to satisfy a man's fetish and then some. I guess I don't
have any particular experience with garters but I love silk stockings, they
shape my legs beautifully, and looking feminine graceful is something I just
like to do.

A leg lover friend
Marylu (Wa. St.)

An Italian Woman's Point of View

Dear Mercedes,

I am a 33 year old fashion designer from Milan. Some of my time I spend in England, my first visit here was when I was 23. Until then I had always worn tights. I guess I am attractive, with typical Italian features and long black hair, but I never had anyone want to buy stockings for me. I am slightly bisexual, and I always liked to see "fantasy" pictures of women in nylons, especially the glamorous stars of the 50's and 60's like Sophia Loren and Betty Page.

The first time I came to England, I stayed with my very special English friend. He is older then me, we are superficially very different but our minds are almost the same. I guess that's pretty unusual. Anyway, we traveled to Clovelly which is a little town on the Devon coast, it has a road that goes down to the sea that cars aren't permitted to use. We booked into the hotel, it was quite late, and we wanted to go for a drink.

It was then that he gave me a present. I opened the bag - and there inside was a suspender belt (you call it a garter belt) and a pair of black nylons in cellophane wrapper. My heart started thumping - I couldn't believe that such a gift was for ME! (I didn't have a very high opinion of myself at that time in my life).

I went into the bathroom and put them on, while he waited outside. It felt so different to tights, and my whole body felt "alive". He avoided looking at my legs, and we went for a walk down to the sea. It was dark and deserted. I was wearing my usual things, black miniskirt and black jacket. I don't know what made me do it, but I decided to act out one of my fantasies. I stopped, and raised my miniskirt slightly to adjust my left stocking (I'm left handed, so it was the natural one to pick). He just stopped and stared at me, it was clear that he liked what I was doing.

Then I did something that I still can't believe I did. I pulled my miniskirt up around my waist, so that it looked as if I was just wearing the black jacket, black stockings and garters, and black shoes. I walked on ahead of him. There was nobody about, and since it was a warm evening the air made my legs feel free and comfortable. I think we walked about a hundred yards like that, me in front in stockings, and my "secret admirer" walking a few yards behind. When we got down the hill to where the pub was, I quickly pulled my miniskirt back into its usual position.

As we sat in the pub, I could hardly believe what I had just done. I was sitting on a chair, my back to the wall, and when he had got the drinks he came and sat facing me, with the table between us. Opposite me there were two men, and I could see them looking at me. I decided to give them both a flash of my sexy new black stockings. I crossed my legs, so that the skirt rode up to expose the stocking top. The stereotypical actions of a stocking-clad female seemed to come naturally to me! Then, as I got bolder, I moved about a little and let it ride up more and more... Eventually, they were feasting their eyes on a beautiful 23 year old Italian girl with her miniskirt almost around her waist and her black stockings, tops, garters and panties on full display. ME!!!  And I'm normally such a respectable girl, who would ever have imagined it.

That was the first time I ever wore stockings, but I have worn them quite often since. I don't wear them all the time, because I don't want the "magic" to wear off. I secretly call them my Magic Stockings, maybe it's not so secret now.

I really like your site, it's very good and not at all crude. I guess some people would say that I'm a naughty girl, but I'm not doing anything wrong, and I really enjoy getting the occasional admiring glance, even if it's the stockings rather than me that's getting the attention! By the way, everything in this letter is 100% true, no fantasy at all.

Yours in Stockings (well, some of the time anyway)


I wanted to take a minute and write and thank you for getting back to me
so quickly, answering my questions and for all the great advice you gave me.
I thought I'd bring you up to date on what steps I've taken so far and
hopefully impose on you to answer a couple more questions?
I gave your suggestions a lot of thought and decided you were right.
It's a time in my life to take bold steps. A new job in a new city; it's time
for a new look too. After so many years of feeling down (due to my
ex-husband), it's time to feel good about myself and to go with a new look.
I packed up every pair of jeans and slacks I owned and rented a small
storage area all the way across on the other side of the city from where I
live. I knew if I had them in my closet the temptation to wear them would be
too great. I kept only a couple pairs of shorts to do housework in and my
workout clothes. For shoes I kept only my tennis shoes and my pairs of heels.
I also threw out every pair of pantyhose that I owned. Fortunately I'm in a
position where I could afford a new wardrobe so I've been shopping my brains
out. I found a line of lingerie that I really like called Felina. Are you
familiar with it? I really like the way their bras fit and they have garter
belts that seem to be made more for everyday wear and not just for the
bedroom. I bought several sets in various colors. My closet is also filling
up quickly with dresses and skirted suits. I took your advice on the stretch
style of stockings for work. I was only able to find the Hanes brand as well
as Victoria's secret so far. There is also a brand of non stretch stockings
available here called Berkshire Kicks. Are you familiar with them and if so
what do you think of them? I was able to find some really nice pairs of heels
in town and I also ordered a few pair from an online source called Classic
Pumps. I love the way 4" heels make my legs look.
I figured dressing this way would make me feel different but I was
totally unprepared for the way it has made other people related to me. At
first it seemed odd wearing a dress everywhere I went; especially places
where I had always dressed down like the supermarket, errands, shopping etc.
But I quickly learned to like it. Sales clerks give you better service, I
love the approving looks form men and the compliments. I've received several
on how nice I look from total strangers and it has really bolstered my
confidence level. I' wasn't sure how much I would like wearing a garter belt
and stockings for everyday wear rather than pantyhose but once again you were
absolutely right. At first I felt a little vulnerable wearing them under
dress in public. But the more I wear them the more feminine I feel and I find
them very classy as well. I havn't worn any full fashioned stockings yet but
I plan to. I know that I will love the silkier feel that they have.
I'm curious to know how you came upon this philosophy of dressing and
when you started? Once again thanks for all your help and suggestions. Take

Hello Mercedes

I have just been surfing the net to obtain a new car, using my friends
computer. I was amazed that I found a page like yours. I have read the woman's and man's point of view and thought I would send you my feelings.
I am in my mid fifties and live in the West Midlands, UK. I have always worn
stockings since I was 15. Well before that I used to dress up in my mothers
clothes as girls do. The only time I wear tights (pantyhose) is when I wear
an evening dress that is vary clingy and shows up lines underneath. I do not
like bare legs so tights are the only option. But for everyday wear it must
be stockings. I can't stand being 'closed in'. Fir this reason I rarely wear
panties, only on some occasions. My daughters are also stocking wearers along
with my grand-daughter, who is 16. The attitudes from men are the usual, they can't
get near me enough, to help me, hold doors open, etc. But I have not had any
aggressive women towards me. In fact women seem more open towards me.

I work in an office in the city of Birmingham and find that many of the lady
employees are now wearing stockings, hold ups etc. as skirts get longer. I
must admit that I do occasionally 'flash' my tops as it gives me a turn on.
But I am also amazed at the number of women looking at my legs as well. This
has been apparent since two or three years ago I reverted to wearing more
traditional nylons with RH&T and soles. I have had many, many passes made at
me from men of all ages, very complimentary to a woman my age with a young man
wanting me. A few of which I have taken up. Well you have to enjoy life, take
what you can.  Anyway I digress. The image of a woman wearing any type of stocking should
be seen as feminine. Do you wear lacy sexy bras, sexy shoes, then why not
stockings that show femininity (?). If I want to feel a woman, not as above
I might add, but a woman within myself, and be looked upon as a woman,
especially on a date, then why not. Out law pantyhose, bring back stockings
for all women!

I will be buying a pair or two of FF nylons soon after closing down on this.
Saturday night here I come......... Keep up the good work, and may stockings


Dear Mercedes,
Shannon here again giving you a update on Karen and Paul. Well Karen
wanted to surprise Paul so she had her order delivered here. Several pair
each of full fashion and RH&T stockings along with two garter belts and one
waist cincher arrived last week. She couldn't wait to come over when I
called her. When she arrived she couldn't wait to try them on, Like a
little girl at christmas she was so excited. Karen said she could hardly
wait till Paul could see her.
Last Saturday night we went out for drinks first then dinner. Karen
told me at the bar that she dressed without Paul seeing her until she came
down the stairs, and it wasn't until walking to the car that he noticed her
seams and asked what she was wearing. Said she smiled as he opened the door
letting her skirt ride up revealing some welt and smiled back. His eyes
weren't off her legs most of the way to meet us for drinks. At the bar
karen wante to sit on a stool instead of at a table, showing just enough
top to draw interest not only from Paul but also most of the other guy's
around us.Let's say the rest of the night went much the same, except dinner
was a little hurried as they wanted to get back home. Talked to her today
and her weekend was great and she had to try on every outfit for Paul.
Paul wants her to make a christmas list. Always nice to have a new convert
wearing stockings.

Love Shannon and your fan hubby Jim.


I've just found your web site and I love it. I've been wearing stockings
since I was 19 (now 33). My boyfriend (now husband) begged me to wear them
for him. I tried it once and was hooked.

If I want something from my husband I know he can't resist me wearing a pair
of sheer stockings.

I live in England and buying stockings here can be difficult depending on
where you live. I would urge women everywhere to at least try wearing
stockings. you might be surprised at the results.

Keep up the fine work Mercedes.



I'm so glad to see a site like this that promotes the return of true feminine

I am 22 years old and have been wearing full fashioned stockings with garter
belts or open bottom girdles for 2 years now. I wear them every day, in fact.
Of course I've totally given up wearing pants - it would be ridiculous with
such feminine underthings. I guess I'm old fashioned but I feel a woman looks
best in dresses and skirts.

While I'm on the thin side, I still like to wear girdles under my more clingy
outfits. A good girdle can make even the best-fitting dress look 110% better.
Try it! And of course, stockings are just so much more glamorous than
pantyhose. I always feel like the sexiest woman in any room I enter. The
reaction from men is fantastic. Even when they can't see what's under my
dresses, I have such confidence now that they can't help being attracted to my
side of the room. I've also noticed how it seems to instill old fashioned
chivalry in the guys. I just love having doors opened for me, being helped out
of cars, et cetera.

I'd just like to say to all the other girls out there: Throw out all your
baggy jeans, khaki slacks and pantyhose. Get some nice, feminine dresses, some
garter belts and girdles and lots of pairs of full fashioned, seamed
stockings! You'll be thrilled with the difference!

Just call me,


I just surfed into your web site and found it quite interesting. I am a
married 28 year old attorney. I have been wearing stockings and garter belts
since I was in high school. My mother first introduced me to them when I was
15 because I was very skinny and pantyhose never fit my legs quite right.
Although I am no longer that petite, I still wear stockings because the look
is superior and they are much more comfortable. I know pantyhose wearers
would not believe this but it is the truth. The only advice I have is to get
real garter belts from J.C. Penny's or Sears(or Secrets in Lace-Mercedes). The ones in Victoria's Secret are really just for play and while they look sexy, they are not designed for
everyday use and comfort.

As far a sexiness goes, when I first met my husband he loved it and couldn't
get enough of it, but now he is just kind of ho-hum about it as I wear them
almost everyday. I never really understood what was so erotic about it. I
just wear them because it's a better product. Other than the occassional
strange looks in the gym locker room or at the doctors office, I have never
had any problem.


I just found your sight and I have to say you are right on girl.
I am divorced and for 3 years I sat at home waiting for a man to take notice
of me. After talking to a friend she suggested I abandon my usual attire and
try garters, hose and heels. Well I switched to garters and hose and found I
began to look and feel different about myself. I shortened by skirts a little
and started wearing high heels.
Well the change has been dramatic. Men who did not notice me before how stare
at me. Sometimes I will sit with my skirt hiked up just to give them a look at
the tops of my hose.
Some days I like to wear long leg panty girdles and hose. The feel is erotic
and guys like to look at the bottom of your girdle. Sometimes when I really
feel daring I'll go pantyless and have even removed the crotch from a couple
of my girdles. The men go nuts and I find that I am never alone anymore. Any women who does not wear hose, heels, garter belts or girdles has no one but themselves to blame for being lonely.
I also found out that guys like to make love with women who leave some of their clothes on, I'm sure you know all about that.
Keep up the good advice and look,


Dear sexy Mercedes,

I'm Loreto from Barcelona (Spain). I'm a forty-four house wife and a
devoted and loving fan to stockings and suspenders belts (should I say
garters). I'd like to tell you my story with stockings.
I started wearing stockings when I was thirteen as a birthday mother's
present and when she helped me to adjust the straps I felt feminine for
the very first time. In the 60's all of my friends wore pantyhose and
they used to said to me: "Stockings and garters are invented by an evil and insane man's mind in order to make us more submissive" (giggles) and
I replied that a glimpse of a stocking top or a garter strap let me
handle men as I like. But in 70's I gave up stockings and for twenty years (I must admit) I'd been wearing pantyhose.
It was two years ago when I met garters again. I have two daughters and
I discovered a pair of reinforced toe and heel stockings and a suspender
belt at my sixteen-aged-daughter wardrobe. I forbad her to wear them because I thought she only had mini-skirts and she could hardly cover
the reinforced tops (Lately she told me that she's never given up to wear them) and then I put them on and I felt like a new woman. When my husband realized what I was wearing, he got aroused and we had an amazing night. Since then I'm in love with stockings and garters, in fact I always wear them under my skirts or dresses.
I've noticed the "stocking effect " in Both of them men and women. Men stare mesmerized looking for a glimpse when I'm sitting and cross my legs and no matter how old they are (even teenagers). On the other side when I'm in a changing area some women look down at me like a tarty
woman but the others seem interested in what I'm wearing and even a few
times they ask me about how can they get them.
I've read another spaniard letter and she is right Spanish women don't wear them because they think stockings are uncomfortable and a waste of time but they don't realize that a pair of stay up stockings (without
suspenders) are more practical than any other hose and you can forget you are in them all day long.

My favourite kind are the full-fashioned with the reinforced toe and
heel but I only use them in special occasions such us going out for
dinner, balls, or theater. And as everyday wear I love being in thigh
Lately my husband suggested me the fishnet style ( he loves them) but
they are very unsoft and make me itch so I usually wear tights under
fishnet stockings.

Thank you for your great site Mercedes,
keep the way you are.

If you have any suggestion of softer fishnet stockings, please let me

Dear Mercedes,
My husband said I should drop you a line again after last weekend. We
where invited out t dinner by a couple he did a favor for. Well we met at
their house and all we heard was that the restaurant had great food but
slow service was slow. Dressed that night especially for Jim wearing a pair
of full fashion stockings and maybe a little to short a skirt. Getting out
of the car provided a onlooker a glimpse of garter. Well when we arrived it
was valet parking and the parking attendant was left with a smile and
almost didn't open back door for our host. Once inside we had to wait for
our table and went to bar for a few drinks. All the tables were full and
only two bar stools empty. Myself and Karen ( & Paul our host ) took the
stools, well skirt being tight as well revealed top of welt and brought a
few looks as well as smiles. From the time we were seated for dinner until
we left the service was quick and pleasant. Jim noticed other tables
looking around for their waiter, but not once did we have to try and get
our waiters attention and even the wine waiter was there to fill our empty
Karen and Paul said they never had such good service as that since they
have been going there. Jim kind of smiled and said " I wonder why ". Won't
go into details of later but to say it was a great night.
Thought that was the end until today when Karen gave me a call. Seems
that after they got home Paul asked her if she still had a garter and
stocking set he had given her for Valentine's Day present once. Karen said
she put them on for him and no more need be said. She was calling to find
out where I purchased the stockings I was wearing the night we went out,
that she wanted to buy some as a surprise for Paul. Wanted to ask us out
again as soon as hers arrived. Could be another convert Mercedes, I hope

Love Shannon

mercedes i love your pictures ! so does my boyfriend! i tried the classic
> lady stockings!! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel so sensous
> wearing them there so silky to wear!  he couldnt belive how silky they were!!!!!!!!! mine seem to wrinkle a little bit at the
> ankles after a few hours! any suggestions!!!!!!!sometimes at my knees too if i
> bend down too much!!!!!! thanks for your insperation!i'll never wear pantyhose
> again! i cant belive how silky my legs & feet feel in these! thanks!

Dear Mercedes,

I found your web site a month ago and I couldn't imagine how it could
change my life and I want to tell you why.

I'm thirty and I work for a department store in Greece. I'm in love
with my boyfrind for ten years but I I haven't been able to make him
commit. When I saw your site and read the women's experiences
wearing stockings I made up my mind and went to the lingerie
department. I looked for fully fashioned stockings but there were none
so I had to buy a pair of black lycra stockings with a fancy top and a
four strap garter belt and got back home. When I put the stockings on
I realize that I couldn't hook the garters up because of the stocking
length so I had to go the garter down under my waist, you can
understand how bad they fit, anyway, I didn't mind and then I put my
gown on and I had been waiting for two hours before he arrives.
Firstly he didn't realize what I was wearing under my gown but when I
sat next to him and crossed my legs the split of my gown showed the
stockings tops and they drove him crazy, I couldn't imagine how they
like him (He hardly bought me a pair of fihnet tights with the seam in
ten years and I avoid them because they aren't soft). Two weeks later
he asked me for getting married.
Somebody could think it happened by chance, I don't think so and I'm
going to keep my legs in stockings while the garter will endurance.

Now, could you tell me what kind of stockings and suspender belts are
the most comfortable? and what are the best for every day wear? (which do you usually wear?). Could you tell me when do you try the f/f on
for the first time.

Finally I'd like to tell you how elegant, sexy and high-class you look
wearing stockings Mercedes.

Thank you again Mercedes

lots of love


Dear Mercedes, My husband Peter found you website while surfing the Net, and got me to look. I found it fascinating! You see, I've been wearing stockings rather than pantyhose for years now, and never really thought of them as 'sexy' underwear but
rather functional items to wear with my usual girdle. You see, I've had a bit of flab around my bottom for longer than I care to remember, and now that I'm the wrong side of 40 it doesn't seem to get any less! Anyway, I started to wear a girdle several years
ago and on the advice of mother, bought a couple of the traditional open-panel style because she'd always worn them and reckoned they were the most comfortable type. She was right, they certainly don't have that awful tight feeling around the crotch that you get with a panty-girdle. The trouble with the open-panel girdle is, as I soon found out, that it tends to ride up over your thighs and bottom if you don't wear stockings with it all the time. I guess the stockings being attached to the suspenders act as an "anchor" to hold everything in place. Certainly I haven't had any problem with my girdle riding up when I wear stockings, so it must be true! the other problem with the open-panel girdle is that it's really only suitable to wear under a dress or skirt, you couldn't wear it under slacks because it would be too obvious you were wearing it. That really isn't much of a problem for me, because my largish
rear end doesn't permit me to wear slacks or jeans too much anyway - at least outside the house. Are there any other largish ladies like me who still wear stockings with girdles? I had thought I was a rare item these days, but perhaps not! I would certainly like to
wear a garter belt with the stockings on hotter days but they only seem to be made up to size 16, which isn't quite large enough for me. Thanks for a very interesting site and a very encouraging one - I'm not alone!!!! regards from Wendy

Hi! Mercedes
>> I was searching some lingerie to buy when I saw your wonderful site. I   couldn't imagine how many women around the world feel like us about stockings.
I'm round thirty and I'm a dancer. I had to wear lycra pantyhose and fishnet tights at work but when I go out I always wear a pair of stockings and a garter belt, Why? maybe because when I walk I can feel my thighs rub together and how suspender straps stretch up the reinforced tops and that makes me feel extra-sexy.
I've been using stockings since my first husband had me wear them at home in order to enjoy himself. He loved choosing a corset, a pair of seamed stockings and then he liked looking at me while I was adjusting the garter tabs to the stocking tops but I didn't like wear them only for him. When I got divorced I started wearing stockings at any time or place.
Now when I go out with somebody and he realizes that I'm wearing a pair of full fashioned stockings and a garter belt I drive him crazy. Most of them want me to keep my underwear when I take off my skirt.
I also realize how wearing stockings shock other women when I take off my clothes in dressing rooms and when I meet another women in stockings I love talking about them for a while.
Now, could you answer these questions?

I've read some women's letters and they talked about panty girdles Why are they special?
I've watched your photos (believe me, you look so sexy in stockings!) and I didn't see you in fishnet stockings. Why?, you don't like them. What sort do you like the most. Do you know if there is a woman fan club like men's. I'd like to join up
Thank you very much indeed for your great site and I hope we keep in touch.

Hi, Mercedes.
My fiance discovered your page a few months ago. I'd like to thank you for having a classy page and not a trashy one.  He showed me your page, collected your pictures, and persuaded me to wear garters and stockings. They are great. I wear them on special occasions when he and I go out. I love them. They are such a turn on,  for both of us. Before that, I didn't really know what they were or how they "worked". Now I am anxious to expand my collection, and we plan to take our own pictures. Hee hee hee :)


Dear Mercedes,

I've just found your web site and I want to share my own experience
with stockings with all of you. I always wear stockings instead of awful
pantyhose and I want show how I feel with those fantastic clothes.

I'm 20 and I found out stockings two years ago when my boyfriend
bought me a pair of white fishnet stockings and a garter in my
birthday. Firstly I was very ashamed because I had never worn anything
like that and it was difficult to adjust the garter but when I looked
at the mirror I started feeling like a real goddess!. The next day I
got up early and put me on the stockings and a mini-skirt and I went
to University. It was amazing!, boys who had never looked at me
couldn't look away.
In Spain girls think that stockings and garters are uncomfortable and
all of my girlfriends don't understand how can I wear those
old-fashioned clothes.

When my boyfriend comes to my house he enjoys looking at me while I
adjust my stockings and sometimes he can't help himself and he wraps
my legs and my garter with his hands and you can imagine how we

Lately I've heard that silk stockings look more beautiful than lycra
could you tell me if that is true, and I want to ask you what sort of
stockings you like the most.
How can we get all of your lingerie?, in Spain it's difficult to get
it because women hardly wear stockings. I've been searching for ages
in department stores without luck.
Finally may I ask you a personal question?
Have you got the first garter which you wore for the very first time?
(I've got my first in a box and I often look at it)
Thanks for your attention and write to me soon



Hello Mercedes,

I found your site through the Touchable web-site, where I've just had some of my photos published. They're not as good as yours though. We don't have the room that you've got, which limits the poses. My husband took the photos, something he seems to enjoy, and he's always complaining about the lack of space. I've never done anything like that before, only the lure of winning some special stockings made me do it, but my husband's been photographing me for years - but only for private viewing!

You ask for experiences of wearing stockings, but I've had none. I've been wearing stockings since before I met my husband, and that's been over 20 years. I feel much more comfortable in them than tights (or pantyhose as you call them), and I don't really consider them to be anything special anymore - although my husband does.

I wear stockings all the time, not just for special occasions, which is why I don't see them as special. I must admit that I've had some glances when my skirt has blown up, or I've sat in a restaurant and my skirt has crept up my thighs as I've been eating. But when you've been wearing stockings for as long as I have, you tend to treat such things as part of everyday life. It's no big deal.

I notice that the title of your web-site is Legs - Garters - Stockings. I didn't see you wearing any garters. I've attached an old photo of myself, if hasn't come loose in the sending, wearing a garter. It was taken more years ago than I care to remember. My husband loves me wearing them, but it's becoming too difficult now with the shorter hem-lines. I still wear stockings though.


Hello Mercedes,

I still remember wearing stockings before tights were easily available. We used to wear them for school and I hated them. Skirts were getting shorter and the attraction of a continuous expanse of leg was more attractive proposition than "ugly" dark bands and my pale thighs. This was bout the time Ian and I met and he was quite angry when I gave up stockings and wore tights. He used to lust after a friend of mine, Pat, whose mother refused to buy tights, which were quite expensive then. Eventually his pestering persuaded me to buy some more, but they were difficult to get in the late 1960's. I found a black suspender belt in Woolworth's in Manchester and felt like a scarlet woman buying it. But Ian was very happy and we used to keep them in his car for special occasions. One day (how daring I was in those days) when capes were in fashion we went out on a date and all I wore was the cape, my suspender belt and my stockings. Ian kept reaching through the arm slits as if he couldn't believe it.

We have been married for nearly 27 years. For many of those years I wore stockings grudgingly, just to please him. I never understood the appeal. After our third child was born, whether I had a hormone change or something I don't know, but I listened to him more. He said that much as he liked me to wear them for special occasions, a real turn on for him would be for me to treat them as everyday wear, so that I got dressed sexily and we shared a secret, even when we were apart. I don't know why, but I agreed, and the next day we went out and he bought me several sets of underwear (much more easily available now) in pretty colours. I started to wear them each day and only wore tights under very short skirts or trousers. He became very attentive, often running his hands over my legs because he liked to feel my suspender buttons under my skirt. He would also try whenever we were in private to have what he calls a "QF" which stands for "quick flash" where I would quickly pull up my skirt just enough to show the tops of my stockings. Other men started to notice too, but rather than think me tarty, which is what I had imagined, they were very polite and gentlemanly too. I can understand why he likes them now, too, and partly because of the effect they have on him I now like to wear them, but I was surprised to find the effect they have on me. First of all I am convinced they are healthier because they let my body breathe, especially at the tops of my legs and pubic area where I used to get sweaty, and I have no more problems with vaginal discharges, thrush and so on. But they also make me feel sexier and more feminine. Even putting them on feels sexy. I know he likes seams but they are not in fashion so I don't wear them much, but I have no intentions of reverting to tights. Also, I know that if I ever want anything all I have to do is sit carelessly or even deliberately show my thighs and I can get away with anything. Sexual equality? No thanks, I don't want to go backwards.



Dear Mercedes,

I'm over at Doug's place and he just showed me your website again. After reading all the great comments and support for what you're doing, I just had to share my thoughts too.

I'm a 35 year old executive who's always on the go with extensive traveling and endless meetings to attend. I was turned on to stockings by a good friend who bought me a 50s style white garter belt and reinforced heel and toe stockings for a gift several years ago. At first, I wasn't quite sure what to do and I must admit I felt as though everyone knew what was underneath my suit or dress. As I began to wear the garter belt and stockings more and more, I noticed that people started giving me compliments on my legs more and more! Wow, what a great feeling! I never got noticed that way wearing pantyhose! I even got men that didn't pay much attention to me before now start conversations.

Mercedes, I began to experiment with different shades and styles of stockings, my favorite are still the reinforced heel and toe since they're more subtle than the seamed ones. I just bought several pairs of the full fashioned ones like you wear, but so far I've only worn them on special occasions. I still wear mostly white garter belts and white lace panties since they match with nearly any color outfit.

I found that getting in and out of my car, especially in valet can lead to some excitement if I choose to let my stocking tops show! In business meetings I now command much more attention and respect for my ideas when the men are aware I'm wearing stockings. I never would have thought that stockings could have that effect until I started wearing them. I dumped my last pair of pantyhose nearly two years ago and I feel much more feminine and alive wearing stockings! I'll never go back to pantyhose again. I've since shared my love of stockings with three other girlfriends who at first thought that only old ladies wore stockings. Once I convinced them to get into stockings and a garter belt, they've also noticed a dramatic change in their lives. When we're in the changing area while shopping, some women seem curious when they see what we're wearing, others just stare!

I'm happy to hear more women are going back to stockings and I know with your encouragement the numbers will grow! Keep up the fine work!

Best wishes,


Dear Mercedes:

First I must tell you how much my husband enjoys your site and photos. I'm 24 and still on 18 month honeymoon. First time I wore stockings I was 18 and received them as birthday gift from boyfriend at the time. Must say I had mixed feelings at the time. But from the first night I felt feminine and sexy wearing stockings.

From out later from my hubby that first thing he noticed about me was my red hair and a flash of stocking top, after that he said he just had to meet me. At this time I couldn't be happier. Now I wouldn't think of leaving home not wearing them. He loves shopping on the net and shops with me picking out outfits we both will enjoy. His favorite right now is open bottom girdles and of course f/f stockings. He hopes to some day see you in one or a corset.

To any other females who might be reading this and thinking their not for me or their to much trouble. My girlfriend Angie felt that way until January when on her birthday we gave her some lingerie including a couple garter belts and several pairs of f/f stockings. I helped her adjust them for proper fit and from that night she has been wearing them ever since even at work. She often comes over now to due some shopping on the net with me.

Again Mercedes thanks for your page and keep up the good work.

Love Shannon

Hi Mercedes,

I wear stockings and pantyhose interchangeably all the time. I'm a 27 year old female who is still single and not yet ready to settle down.

I began wearing pantyhose when I was about 8 when my mom and dad decided I should stop looking and dressing like a boy. I've been in dresses and nylons ever since. I first wore stockings in high school. Mom and dad told me that "good girls" didn't wear stockings, but Madonna was hot and many of my friends were starting to wear stockings and lace camis to school. I wanted to fit in and did the same, changing at a friends house before and after school. Then I discovered the effect nylons have on most guys, and women. Men are mesmerized, and women... they are a mixed bag. Most of the women who notice me in stockings show more interest in what I do. I think it is because there seems to be an aura, or ambience, of self-esteem and success around those women who wear stockings. I don't have the nerve to pose publicly on the Internet as you do, yet other women come up to me and tell me they don't have the nerve to wear stockings to the office! I don't consider it as anything needing special determination.

I do like the effect on others in meetings and when out for lunch or shopping. People pay attention to me more. The guys are not shutting me up, because they want to ogle me. Women seem to have more interest in ideas from such a "self-assured woman." Either way, I am heard and not passed over in meetings. Do I enjoy the "power?" Yes. I also enjoy the way waiters and salesmen give me all the attention I need. Lines of people at stores seem to disappear when I'm in stockings or shimmery pantyhose. And I always get the best service. When it comes to dating, things are better too. Men get more aroused when I'm in sensuous nylons, and that translates into bolder and less "sheepish" behavior. When I'm on a date, I'm not looking for political correctness in the man I'm dating. Save that for the office. Stockings bring out the boldness in myself, men, and other women. That makes me wonder why they are so stereotypically associated with women from the thirties who "did what they were told" and didn't think for themselves.



Dear Mercedes:

I am very happy to put into words the feelings and emotions I have when I put on a pair of Fully Fashioned Nylon Stockings. As any man will admit to the site of a women's leg encased in a pair of nylon's with a thick dark seam running down the back of her legs and finished off with a pair of black or white stiletto heels, is one of the most delightful wonders of the world.

I am a 40 yr old mother of two and I have been wearing Stockings since I snuck into my mother's bedroom when I was about 13 yrs old and started trying on her hose, and have been in love with them ever since. I grew up in the 60's when stockings were in fashion and in the 70's & 80 and into the 90's when they were not so fashionable but oh my! there are still a lot of women who wore them in those years and still do to-day. I am a nurse now sometimes I wear a pant uniform & sometimes I wear a dress uniform and when I'm wearing the dress I always wear a pair of medium to dark brown pair of hose under my uniform and I am also aware of two other nurses on our staff that also wear stockings & garter belts under their uniform, so ladies or should I say "Nylon Vampires" keep heart we are still out there.

I predict Nylon Stockings will make a substantial comeback in the years ahead, not that they ever went away either. Don't forget to keep your seams straight and I hope all your dreams are sheer ones.

Love & Best Wishes


Dear Mercedes,

I have recently come across your website. I think it is absolutely wonderful. I agree 100% with you. I am a woman in her mid 30's who also wears stockings on a daily basis. I feel much more sexier and more desirable in stockings as opposed to pantyhose, which I consider too confining.

Your site is great to view. I can imagine it is very popular with your male viewers. I can tell you, what you already know. That men LOVE seeing a woman in stockings. I just love the reaction I receive when a man realizes that I am wearing stockings and not pantyhose. He can't keep his eyes or his hands off my thighs. I e- mailed you recently but didn't get a response. I am new to computers and maybe it didn't get to you. I just wanted to tell you to KEEP UP THE GOOD WORD on stockings!!!


Hello Mercedes,
So my husband drags me to the computer and says," look at this site". Just another smutty website and I'm about to tear a strip off him when I notice that, in fact, there is no nudity only a very pretty lady scantily dressed. It's naughty but nice. He says," look other women do wear stockings, so other men must like them too". Maybe he's not so weird after all. Of course it was your site and between the two of you, I have been persuaded to start wearing stockings again on a regular basis.

Of course the effect of the stockings on my husband was entirely predictable, but it is the effect on others that is interesting. I went to work on Monday wearing plain tan stockings and nobody seemed to notice. On Tuesday I wore a slightly darker pair with seams, the effect was quite amazing, everybody noticed and everybody, male and female seemed to show me much more respect and interest. It has been a great boost to my self-confidence, to be honest I am a rather plain 40 year old woman and no one has looked twice at me in years, but I really did turn a few heads today, it's great!

Regards, Joan

Dear Mercedes,

I am Corinne from Amsterdam 36 years of age and a great admirer. of wearing nylons/stocking. For me its a way of life. I like the 1950-ties and 1960-ties style and of course Fully Fashioned ones. My husband and I saw your preview pictures and we have a question. In the series with the limo you wear nylons with a yellow stripe at the top. What kind of nylons are they? How can I get a pair of these? I hope you will answer. I know a lot of mail is coming towards you so I hope you can find the time to mail me back.

Keep up the good work. BAN the pantyhose....I wish all women were like us

Greetings Corinne

Dear Mercedes,

As my husband cruises through your page and talks to your husband fairly frequently I thought I would comment on my daily wear of fully fashioned stockings. As I have pics on a few sites it is obvious that I love them. I wear gray or black most commonly and wear the point heel style for work . The cubans I save for going out to dinners and special occasions. My husband introduced them to me about 14 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. As the contributors have said the feeling you get and the pure pleasure of being totally feminine is what I love.

I introduced a co worker to ff. hose one day after many questions from her as she asked, "were did you get them, nice seam, what's the heel, etc". I told her they were stockings from England. I got the normal, " well stockings and garter belts are a hassle" etceteras etceteras. I said "have you ever tried them?", and as I thought, she hadn't, I loaned her a small open bottom girdle and a pair of Navy point heel ff. stockings. She came the next day wearing them with a off white knee length skirt. She looked fabulous! She told me later that her husband had been very affectionate that morning and said he would be waiting for her when she came home from work. I told her that's the way I am treated every day by my husband. Well to end the story on a nice note she regularly wears them now and she has a wonderful marriage and we enjoy going out with them with both of us wearing our ff.'s Ladies, listen to Mercedes! She knows what she is talking about and guys, have some courage and buy some ff. stockings for your wives/sweethearts, they will not forget that you did!


Hello Mercedes,

On Saturday I went to Rackham’s, a big department store in Birmingham, and bought a nice deep suspender, or should I say garter, belt. This morning I wore it with seamed black stockings to work. I travel in by train and it is always full and I never get a seat, but this morning the men were almost fighting to give me a seat! I got a lot of admiring glances in the office too. You are right they do give you an edge. I also got a seat on the way home Regards


I have been told by some women that they wouldn't dare wear full-fashioned stockings [they are the ones with the seams] and all I can say is that there is nothing wrong with wearing them. I was in one of our discount stores the other day and noticed that in the fancy or formal pantyhose selections that they carried several with seams. The point being that if women can wear pantyhose with seams, the can certainly were stockings with them. If your legs are a little on the heavy side, nothing will slim them like seamed stockings. If your legs are a little on the short side, nothing will make them look longer than seamed stockings will.

I wear them when I go to town shopping, I wear them to church every Sunday, I wear them for special occasions like the other night when we went and saw the Irish National Radio Orchestra. I have never gotten a complaint but I sure have received many compliments from both men and women. Please remember that full-fashioned stockings were as common as pantyhose in the late 1940's to the early 1960's. Most women wore them and loved them! I say go out there and make a fashion statement!! It's a wonderful, confidence building experience!



Dear Mercedes,
I am a 45 yr. old professional woman. I first wore stockings in 7th grade (1965).held up by a garter belt purchased by my mother. By 8th They were grade I was still wearing stockings (pantyhose were not yet available) but was holding them up with a panty girdle. By 10th grade, hemlines were quite short and one could not bend over, sit down, and DEFINITELY not get out of a car without one's girdle showing! In 10th grade I remember
purchasing a wild print panty girdle. The boys loved it ... lots of stares in classes ... lots of dropped pencils ... and I know one young male teacher enjoyed lecturing from a certain spot in the classroom to enjoy the view of my girdle when I crossed my legs.
By 1969 we began switching to pantyhose. I must confess, I was one of the last in my class to switch. Pantyhose were more expensive and they sagged at the crotch and the knee. My friends who switched to pantyhose still wore panty girdles over the tops of them. The girdle held you in (this was a cultural statement I think) and also helped hold the pantyhose up! I did not wear pantyhose until I was a high school senior in 1969-1970. I always wore a panty girdle over the tops of them. I know when I graduated in June 1970 I was wearing pantyhose with a girdle over the top.
When I went to college I wore nothing but pantyhose. I took a couple of panty girdles, but I do not recall ever wearing them. No one else wore them so I stopped too. Throughout the 70s it was strictly pantyhose.
I was married in 1978. I wore pantyhose under my wedding gown. In 1982 my husband purchased as a gift a pair of stockings with a pretty garter belt. At first I wore them only in the bedroom. Our love live was always divine.... it now was even better! I then began wearing the stockings with a garter belt to evenings out .... the theatre, dinner, dancing and so on.... One day I wore the stockings and garter belt to work. I found that I really enjoyed wearing it. I found a freedom in wearing it. The stockings required adjusting a couple of times a day, but I found this was actually less than pantyhose .... always tugging at the tops! ....Anyway, by 1986 I was wearing only stockings with a garter belt. I love them. They make me feel extremely sexy and feminine and give me a sense of confidence. Many will think that last statement to be foolish, but it is true! My job requires much interaction with professional males and my strong sense of self is actually enhanced by my femininity underneath! Other professional women, I believe, would enjoy them as well. Unfortunately our culture has taught us that liberated women wear pantyhose. I believe that a liberated woman should wear what she wants. The feel of the garter, moving ever so slightly as you walk up and down stairs or get up from your chair is an ever-present reminder of our gender. I find pantyhose constricting ... and like wearing pants. I do not want to be a man! I want to be a woman. I want to dress like a woman!
On occasion, my skirt may ride up at a restaurant or at a meeting. I find that it causes men to smile appreciatively when they see a bit of stocking top or garter tab. Women seem very threatened by it ... at least that is how I would describe it. I am afraid that women view stockings as nothing more than a man's invention. I simply see it differently. I celebrate my
femininity by wearing pretty things! I love doing the job I do, but I love being a woman while doing that job! Being pretty underneath helps me accomplish both goals!